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Aprilia Nurohmah   16 September 2016 12:38 - Have you ever visited Yogyakarta? Then you know the city is surrounded by natural beauty. 

You probably only know about the beaches and temples, but here, we give you 10 Instagrammable hills in the area:

1. Panguk Hill, Kdiwung, Dlingo, Bantul.

Image via Instagram/@adhe930

This spot is near Mangunan fruit garden, and that’s the view you will enjoy in the morning.


2. Tebing Watu mabur, Bantul.

Image via Instagram/@denisauruz

Do you want to see sunrise while camping? This is what you look for. It is located in the east of Mangunan fruit garden and in the same location with Gajah Mangunan cave.


3. Puncak Becici.

Image via Instagram/@inan_sweet

Becici Hill is located in the area of Hutan Pinus (Pine forest), Dlingo, Bantul. What you just saw is its peak.


4. Paralayang Hill, Parangtritis.

Image via Instagram/@andaa

Visiting Parangtritis beach? Don’t forget to go here too and try the paragliding!


5. Maracah Hill, Saptosari, Gunungkidul.

Image Instagram/@bukitmaracah

When you are going to Ngeden beach in Krambil Sawit, Saptosari, Gunungkidul, you will pass throught Maracah Hill. From the tree you just saw on picture above, you can enjoy the view of wonderful beach.


6. Puncak Kosakora, Tanjungsari, Gunungkidul.

Image via Instagram/@kosakora_gk

Puncak Kosakora is between Drini and Ngrumput beaches. You can get to the cool spot only by walking for 2KM from Drini beach.


7. Ngisis Hill, Samigaluh, Kulonprogo.

The hill located in the peak of Nglinggo garden tea, Samigaluh Kulonprogo offers you great view of mountains in Java.


8. Pethu Hill, Waduk Sermo, Kulonprogo.

Image via Instagram/@infoseni

Pethu Hill located in the west of Waduk Sermo (Sermo Reservoir)


9. Gardu Pandang Watu Tekek, Magigondo, Samigaluh, Kulonprogo.

Image via Instagram/@dwiharika

The cool spot is in the area of the forest of Menoreh hill, Madigondo, Kulonprogo.


10. Kukusan Hill.

Image via Instagram/@rezaaa_akbar

Kukusan Hill or Mount Kukusan is located in the frontier of Kulonprogo and Salaman, Magelang, Central Java. You can get here by the same route you use to go to Nglinggo Tea Garden, Kulonprogo.


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