Yogyakarta has at least 17 tourism villages, each with their various unique and exciting characteristics.

  31 October 2015 10:00

Brilio.net - Bored with the typical tourism destinations in Yogyakarta? Instead of sulking inside malls, why not give these quaint villages a visit and experience a different side of Yogyakarta?

According to  data brilio.net obtained from the Department of Tourism and Culture of Yogyakarta,  the city has at least 17 tourism villages, each with their various unique and exciting characteristics.  So, here are 5 of the most attractive tourism villages which are worth visiting according to brilio.net/en:

1. Tahunan Tourism Village

This tourism village is located in the Tahunan Village, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta. Here, you will discover the intricacies of the local handicraft: batik jumput (tie-dye batik) managed by members of the Family Welfare Program (PKK).  There are at least three groups of the PKK developing this batik jumput business, thus providing new livelihood for women of Tahunan Village.   

Asides from handicrafts, this village is also frequented by those wishing to observe the local culture, go on a pilgrimage (Kusumanegara Heroes’ Cemetery, Kyai Bekel Prawiropurbo’s Cemetery is nearby), or sample the delicious local dishes such as ampyang and gendong tenong.

2. Dipowinatan Tourism Village

For those who want to know proper etiquette based on ancient Javanese traditions, the Dipowinatan Tourism Village should be on your hit list. This village is located in Keparakan, Mergangsan, Yogyakarta. Even though this village is inside a city, the cultural values and quaintness of a village is still evident when you visit.  You directly interact and perhaps feel welcomed at a Javanese family’s home. In addition to socio-cultural tourism, there are also other  types of experiences such as  performing arts  (Cokekan Musical Arts), handicrafts  (batik prodo and rattan handicrafts), and also culinary workshops with Merti Golong Gilig as the biggest which is held annually.

3. Rejowinangun Tourism Village

Situated in Rejowinangun Village in Kotagede, this particular village is renowned because it basically has everything a visitor would want to see.  In terms of nature, the Gajah Wong River flows just beside the village where visitors can enjoy its natural beauty and learn about the legend behind the river. For culture, visitors can witness authentic traditions such the birth ceremony, mitoni(7-month pregnancy), panggih manten ceremony and many more. Furthermore, the village is growing in reputation for agrotourism because they are starting to grow an abundance of vegetables.
4. Gunung Ketur Tourism Village

Gunungketur Village is situated in Pakualaman, Yogyakarta.  If you are planning to visit the Sultan’s Palace, you should also visit the Puro Pakualaman Palace located in the Gunungketur tourism village. In this place, tourists can enjoy cultural and religious experiences at the Great Mosque of Pakualaman. It is also possible to visit the Museum of General Sudirman here and also art tours including musical arts, dance, and art of batik.
5. Purbayan Tourism Village

The Purbayan tourism village is located in the Purbayan Village, Kotagede, Yogyakarta.   There are numerous historical landmarks in or around the village, such as the mosque complex and the tombs of kings from Mataram, Batu Gilang, Fort of Bokong Semar, and Pacak suji Monument. You will be able to enjoy the cultural and historical tourisms. You can also see many other cultural curiosities such as authentic Javanese joglo, gebyok house, langgar Duwur or Sopongen House. The village is also known for producing fantastic silver handicrafts. 


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