Surprisingly, she has no recollection of the birth of her first son because she was asleep for up to 11 days.

  28 December 2015 15:00 - Jody Robson, 24, has suffered severe sleep disorder, since she was at the age of 12. Though she has not been formally diagnosed by her doctor, but she believes that she has Klein Levin Syndrome. It is a kind of a rare neurological disorder that makes her unable to wake up from her sleep for days or even weeks on end.

As quoted from mirror (23/12), Jody revealed that she had missed holidays and her sister’s birthday because she was in an episode. Surprisingly, she even has no recollection of the birth of her first son because she was asleep for up to 11 days.

"It upsets me because I don't remember giving birth and it's supposed to be a precious moment,” said a woman who is from Birmingham,” said her to mirror.

This rare sleep disorder was initially experienced by Jody when she lived in Alicante, Spain.

Feeling excited for a sleepover at a friend’s house, she brought a bag of toys, candies, and a change of clothes. On that day, she started to fall into a deep sleep for eight days. Having woke up, she found that she could not recognize her whole family or surroundings and it lasted for three weeks for her to get her back to normal.

"When I was coming out of the episode, everything was dreamy. I couldn't remember anybody, I couldn't even remember who I was. And when people are talking nothing is going into my brain, so I just look at them weirdly."

While Jody has been falling asleep for days, Steven, her husband, has to wake her at least twice to eat the meal, drink some water, and go to the rest room. After her basic needs are fulfilled, she falls back to sleep again.

Jody stated that her episodes do not scare her, but the recovery afterward does it. She is afraid that she won’t be able to get out from this frustrating situation. She wishes that she could get back to her normal life.


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