With the launch of this new layout, come complaints.

Septika Shidqiyyah   10 October 2016 20:17

Brilio.net - State railway operator Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) has recently launched the latest series of its commercial economy-class train as part of its 71th anniversary celebration. But while the upgrade is much-needed, passengers have raised criticism against the new design, which is said to be smaller and too stuffy compared to the older cars. 

"The economy-class train's seat is vertical and cramped, beats you up to sit for 13-15 hours, not great for your health," Twitter user @menrir said on Thursday. 

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While economy passengers can now enjoy a more private 2+2 seating layout, there appears to be not enough legroom to make a comfortable ride.

"It's so cramped ... the seating [layout] is now 2_2, even K3 has 2+3. I can't stand the upright seat. It only works for a three or four-hour long trips," Kaskus user mahakom4 commented.

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"First time taking the train to Tasik. God, it's more cramped than a metromini," added @fauziyati on TWitter.



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