Bikers are required to have ride partner at all times to prevent endangering other road users

Tony Febryanto   28 October 2015 23:00 - From 14-17 August 2015, the Jogja Bike Rendezvous (JBR) was held in the city of Yogyakarta. Participants of this grand event had congregated around Jogja City Mall and they seem to hail from different cities in Indonesia.

Harley Davidson Club Indonesia (HDCI) as the organizer revealed that JBR 2015 was special because it coincided with Indonesia Bike Week which is held every 5 years. In addition, the organizer targeted 4,000 big bikes to participate in JBR 2015.

Besides having a short-distance touring which was started from Jogja City Mall (JCM) to Prambanan Temple on Saturday (15/8), JBR 2015 also carried out a number of events to welcome the 70th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence, such as charity, a ceremony, and a flag parade.

Therefore, the committee hoped that road users, especially the citizens of Yogyakarta, to understand in case they feel disturbed by the events. “This event might disturb other road users because there would be many bikers who come to Yogyakarta and not only 10 or 20 bikers. Even the organizer is targeting 4,000 bikes. There would be some complaints for sure, however, the events would be escorted by traffic officers,” said Dodo, one of the committee members to

Before going on tour participants would get a briefing. They are also not allowed to ride stray from the agreed route because that could endanger other road users.

Meanwhile, one of the members of Ahoy Geboy Indonesia community, Toto Sugiarto admitted that he often joins Harley Davidson events in various cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Bandung. “Since I was a kid, my father already had a big bike and now after getting a job I can finally buy my own bike,” said Toto.

The same thing was also expressed by Hari, a Harley Davidson accessories seller. The man who comes from Bandung always attends every Harley Davidson motorcycle exhibition in several cities. “In a year, I attend 2 or 3 big events,” said the man who has started his own business since 2008.


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