Jamu (traditional herbal medicine) is synonymous with its bitter taste. But what if it were mixed with fruity flavors?

Ines Faradina   10 November 2015 12:00

Brilio.net - When was the last time you drank jamu? When you were a child, perhaps? Or, do you never drink it because you’d rather avoid its bitter taste? For those of you who don’t know, Jamu is Indonesia’s one-stop, all-cure, traditional herbal medicine which has an extremely bitter taste. Not only is it used to treat various illnesses, but also various health problems. That’s not all; it is also useful in recovering and re-energizing one’s stamina, all without any side effects.

While the proposition of a ‘one-drink to cure all’ is attractive, many people refuse to drink jamu because of the bitter taste that comes with it. Hence the creation of ‘modern jamu.’
Intentionally produced to make jamu more acceptable among the younger crowd, herbalists mix the drink with various fruity flavors. Those with picky taste buds can even customize the remedy in the flavor of their choice.

Some of the flavors available are chocolate, strawberry, banana, and green tea. “Those flavors are mixed with jamu. For example, Banana Choco is the flavor combination of banana, chocolate, sugar and curcuma,” said Shinta, a ‘modern jamu’ seller to brilio.net/en, Wednesday (26/8).

For those keen on trying this, the ‘modern jamu’ is produced in Solo, Central Java, with many of its customers flocking there from Jakarta. Soon, the herbalists will open their branch in Yogyakarta. Those looking for more information can get a glimpse of the product on the instagram account, @reinacafeinstagram.


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