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The special prisons will be equipped with multiple layers of security and additional BNN and police officers.

Tunggul Kumoro   03 August 2017 16:05

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights is planning to build high-security prisons specialized for drug dealers to stop drug trafficking from behind bars. The ministry’s corrections director general Makmun said there are four jails that will be used to accommodate prisoners indicated to be active in controlling drug trafficking. 

"The four prisons are Gunung Sindur (Jakarta), Langkat (North Sumatra), Batu (Nusakambangan) and Kasongan (Central Kalimantan)," said Makmun at the ministry’s building, Central Jakarta, Wednesday.

The decision was made after National Narcotics Agency (BNN) and National Police foiled a smuggling of 1.2 million ecstasy pills from the Netherlands, leading them into a finding of some inmates at Nusakambangan who are still actively managing drug trade.

"The main dealer turned out to be an inmate of Batu Penitentiary, Aseng. He's was probed and has been given disciplinary sanctions of [being thrown to] isolation cell," said Makmun.

The special prisons will be equipped with multiple layers of security where backup BNN and police officers will assist the wardens. "Their track record will be checked and they will be asked to sign a fact of integrity. Also, to prevent those officers for being bribed by drug dealers, we will raise their allowance," said Makmun.

The prisoner categorization is currently being discussed by BNN and police. However, they would prioritize high-profile inmates who own international drug trafficking networks. "Every dealer who are connected to major network, both Indonesian and foreign inmate," added Makmun.



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