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So later the interest can be used to subsidize the hajj cost.

Tunggul Kumoro   27 July 2017 14:30

President Joko Widodo on Wednesday stressed the importance of hajj funds management as he demanded the funds to be invested for infrastructure development.

This was conveyed by Jokowi after inaugurating the Supervisory Board and Haj Fund Management Agency (BPKH) at State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday.

"So, it's how the money that the government have, the fund, could be managed, invested in sectors that are beneficial," said Jokowi.

Jokowi continued, the benefits of these investments could be used to subsidize the hajj cost in the future, thus the cost can be more affordable, just like what have been implemented by the other countries, including Malaysia.

"It's possible [to invest the fund for the infrastructure]. Rather than having this money idle, it's better to invest it, but to places that posses no high risk, safe, yet provide major benefit," said Jokowi.

The government, according to him, will be able to find infrastructure projects that will generate huge profits. Moreover, if the investment through hajj funds could be prioritized over other channels of investment.

"For example, a toll road [project] that has [entered] brownfield stage (post-licensing process), let's a have a chance to [use the] hajj funds first," said Jokowi.

"The toll road, port, are impossible to cause loss if we allocate [the fund] there, isn't it? Not in places that posses high risk."

He then expected the BKPH could see the other possible opportunities in investing hajj funds and take good example of the countries that have been successfully managing the hajj funds.

"We [Indonesia] has the largest hajj quota, so if the management is done carefully, I think it'll give good benefits to anyone, especially for those who want to go for hajj," Jokowi said.


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