Tobias Ellwood MP tried to save a stabbed police officer during an attack at the Houses of Parliament in London.

Adelia Anjani Putri   23 March 2017 11:30

A British Member of Parliament who was pictured trying to help a fallen police officer is a brother of the 2002 Bali Bomb Victim.

Tobias Ellwood, a Conservative MP for Bournemouth East, tried to resuccitate policeman PC Keith Palmer who was stabbed by an attacker during yesterday's attack in London's most tourist-packed area of Westminster.

His brother, Jonathan, was a teacher visiting Bali for a conference but was killed when a bomb exploded in the club district in Kuta. However, Ellwood's personal experience with terrorism didn't stop him from trying to help.

Right now the death toll has reached four, including the attacker who was shot dead by the police after he drove a car along a pavement over Westminster Bridge and crashed it to pedestrians walking by, killing at least two. The attacker then jumped out the car and run towards the Parliament building where he was stopped by PC Keith Palmer. The attacker then stabbed unarmed Palmer.

Ellwood, who was near the scene, was told to run to safety by the police but decided to run towards Palmer to give a mouth-to-mouth CPR. Unfortunately, Palmer's mutiple stab wound was too damaging and the officer passed away not long after.

Ellwood is hailed as 'hero' for his effort to save the fallen officer. 

"Our thanks and gratitude go to the police and emergency services who responded so bravely, and to those – including the MP Tobias Ellwood – who went to the aid of the injured and dying," said Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn to Guardian

People on the internet also expressed their respect and gratitude for the MP.


London Police is still investigating the attack. Top anti-terrorism officer at London Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley, said that the attack was inspired by Islamist-related terrorism, but would not elaborate further. The name of the attacker has yet to be announced too.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has sent out a statement saying that the city will see additional officers in coming days. British Prime Minister Theresa May has held a press conference saying that the attack is ‘sick and depraved’ but it will not stop the government from resuming their job.


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