It was all fun and games on the internet until Novel decided to take things personal and strike back.

  04 January 2017 15:29

A new year, a new meme. On Tuesday, the words "Fitsa Hats" became a trending keyword on various corners of Indonesian social media, after Jakarta Govenor Basuki Tjahaja "Ahok" Purnama pointed out that Novel Chaidir Hasan, a secretary for the Jakarta chapter of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), had written "Fitsa Hats" as his former employee on the investigation report. 

"The witness' name is Habib Novel," Ahok said, as quoted by Detik. "He worked from 1992 to 1995 at Pizza Hut, but maybe he changed it to Fitsa Hats because he was ashamed for working for Pizza Hut, because it belongs to an American [company]."

It was all fun and games on the internet until Novel decided to make things personal and strike back.

“I want to report Ahok for blasphemy and slander. [He] accused [me] of manipulating the word Pizza Hut because I was ashamed of working with Americans, the infidels,” he said on Wednesday, as quoted by Vivanews

According to him, Ahok also made the mistake of referring to Pizza Hut as an American company. 

“Pizza Hut comes from Italy, so why did he say that it’s from America?” Novel said in another occassion, as quoted by Jawa Pos. “That’s Ahok. He wants to find other’s mistakes, but instead we can see how stupid he is.” 

Pizza Hut, however, is in fact a restaurant chain founded in the United States in 1958, where it's been based ever since.

If this pizza-gate report goes through, Ahok will have one more legal problem to solve besides the ongoing religious blasphemy case. In the meantime, we can all grab some fitsa and see how the memes evolve on our timelines.


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