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There has been a conflict between the existing transportation services providers and the new companies.

Victoria Tunggono   08 March 2016 19:00

Brilio.net - If you are in Bali, you have to read this carefully—especially if you often use the online-base transportation. You may already have the Uber mobile app and have been using it in your country or city without any problems, but Bali will be the place to encounter these problems.

There has been a conflict between the existing transportation services providers and the new companies, as the emergence of new companies is considered a threat for the existing business because they are losing their potential customers.

The tension involves not only Uber, but also other mobile app-based transportation companies such as Grab from Malaysia and Go-Jek from Indonesia. The traditional transportation services such as taxis, chartered cars, and motorcycle taxis have petitioned the local government to ban the modern transportation services but until now there have been no restriction policy imposed.

Tired of waiting for the government to make a move and afraid of losing more potential customers, lots of conservative drivers are using violence to shoo modern drivers away from their “area”. There have been several cases of Uber and Grab drivers being beaten, their cars getting stoned, and many other violent incidents that happened in the recent months.

When I ask the drivers why they are still working and taking clients despite the terror, they say “as long as the government still allows the app to run and there is no legal banning, we will still operate. And apparently the guests still prefer to use our service, so we will still work.”

The drivers only ask that if you are going to use their services, do not mention the name of Uber, Grab or Go-Jek to anyone around you in order to prevent anything bad from happening. This will help both drivers and customers for a more convenience traveling in Bali. If anyone ask, just say that you will be picked up by a friend or a friend’s driver.


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