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The former anti-graft agency chief is finally a free man. Soon.

Petra Hapsari   25 January 2017 15:20

President Joko Widodo granted clemency to Former Anti-Graft Agency Chief Antasari Azhar earlier this week. A Presidential Decree requesting the clemency has been signed and sent to South Jakarta Court on Monday.


Antasari was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment in 2009 by South Jakarta Court for planning the murder of Nasrudin Zulkarnaen, director of a company named Putra Rajawali Banjaran. Antasari maintains his claim of innocence until now.

He had been jailed for 7.5 years before given parole on Nov. 10, 2016. He also received remission before, cutting 4.5 years from the total sentence.  This recent clemency cuts the remaining 6 years, making him finally a free man.

The good news has been received by Antasari’s legal team.

“This morning I was informed by someone from the State Secretariat  that Antasari Azhar’s clemency has been granted,” Antasari’s lawyer Boyamin Saiman told Rappler today.

Presidential Spokesperson Johan Budi SP told Antara that President Jokowi decided to grant the clemency after receiving considerations and recommendations from the Supreme Court.

Antasari is now seeking for further information regarding his status. He was seen visiting Tangerang Prison today.

Although he's close to having his freedom back, Antasari thinks that his case is far from over as there are still unanswered questions around this case.

Antasari has spoken his suspicion of power-play behind his conviction many times, but on Monday, he chose to throw some shades on his former boss.

“There are more important things than just complaining. Now I’m asking for SBY’s help. If he wants to tweet [then better to tweet] something that can help solving my case, [to find out] who the real murderer is,” said Antasari to reporters in Jakarta on Monday.

This remark was a clap back to the former president’s tweet last Friday.

“O Lord, The One Almighty God. Why does this country become like this? Slander and hoax spreaders are in charge. They are everywhere. When will the people and the weak win?” he tweeted from his twitter handle @SBYudhoyono.

And Antasari would have none of it.

“When is this country ever in turmoil? It’s not. [Instead of tweeting] it would be better if he just open my case. He knows [what happened] in my era [as KPK chief],” he said. 



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