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But what is Earth Hour, really?

Retno Wulandari   21 March 2016 13:15

Brilio.net - People are talking about Earth Hour and all you know about it is that you need to switch the lights off for one hour on the last Saturday of March each year. But what is Earth Hour, really?

Earth Hour is actually a campaign of awareness for environmental issues in our global and local communities. It is an annual global event initiated by WWF (World Wild Fund for Nature). It encourages individuals, communities, corporations, and households in the world to turn their light off to show support for the fight against climate change and commitment towards a better planet.

Why is taking a good care of our Earth and showing our support for climate change are so important? The consumption of fossil fuels at a rapid pace in last few decades has taken its toll on the environment. Global warming, climate change, deforestation, landfills, air, water and soil pollution, are some of the problems from which our environment is suffering. With all the critical life-supporting factors seem to go, our children future is at stake. That’s why.

Although Earth Hour (and Earth Day which will be celebrated on April 22) have a serious underlying message, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t fun ways to celebrate it with friends and family. This is how:

1. Stargaze and play “Guess the Constellation” game

Image via huffingtonpost

It sounds lame, but it is actually a golden opportunity to enjoy the sky. With constant artificial lights in major cities reflecting the night sky, it’s so hard to get to see the milky way in all its splendor. During Earth Hour, most lights around the globe will (hopefully) be switched off, giving you the perfect opportunity to look up and have a guess at the constellations up above.

2. Plant something in your backyard

Image via nelsonteaminc

Whether it’s a seed, a flower or a tree, creating a new life is always great for the environment. Once it grows, you can enjoy either yummy veggies you grew yourself, or a beautiful flower to remind you that you did something great for the Mother Earth. This activity is also ideal for kids (who love to get dirty).

3. Take an unused paint-bucket and redecorate it into a recycling bin or plant pot

Image via various sources

This is beyond fun! Just pick acrylic paints with various colours, paint the paint-bucket as your mood leads you, and add some personal doodles. You may use them in your house as trash cans, or dedicate them to your school, office or whatsoever environment you belong to.

4. Light a campfire and pick some ghost story to tell

Image via nycommunaltable

It’s great opportunity to lit a campfire in the middle of the big city! Sure it’s not a real campfire at a woodsy campsite, but you can still share a great campfire moment in a circle with friends and family. You’ll probably end up telling or hearing some awful ghost stories, roast marshmallows, sip on a cup of hot chocolate, and maybe even pick up a guitar and sing campfire songs.

Still need some inspiration? Lit a candle (you can do it on your porch, living room or bedroom), sit with your friends in a circle, and tell a ghost story in a makeshift manner.

5. Invite your beloved one to a candle-lit dinner

Image via genuss-touren

This is the perfect opportunity to heat up a romantic atmosphere between you and your significant other. Cook a simple dish, turn off the lights, light a candle and don’t forget the dessert. The great part about that romantic dinner, it usually consumes a lot of time which means more earth hours for you. Extra eco points!

6. Make some artsy lanterns

It’s probably a great time to test your creative aptitude by making some artsy paper lanterns. Just pick up some colorful manila boards (or you can paint them in various colours), print (or draw) your desired patterns on another sheet of  paper.

Image via architecturendesign

Place the paper with the pattern on the manila board, using a nail (or s thumb tack) pierce your board to shape the pattern. Roll the board and unite both ends with glue. Then, put a candle in a small transparent cup, light it up, and you’ve got yourself a homemade lantern.



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