It's not Thor's hometown. It's the first space nation concept.

Angga Roni Priambodo   27 July 2017 14:40

The first space nation concept Asgardia initiated by Aerospace International Research Center’s founder in Russia, Igor Ashurbeyli has attracted a lot of people.

At least 276,634 people have stated their readiness to move to Asgardia and around 5,000 of them are from Indonesia.

According to Asgardia’s official website, the Indonesians who want to move to the space nation consist of 84% male human and 16% female human.

Jakarta becomes the biggest contributor of population; with 1010 people are ready for the nation which is planned to be at around 161 to 321 kilometers from earth’s surface.

Meanwhile, 391 people from Bandung and 285 people from Surabaya show their readiness to join the space nation.

To become an Asgardian, you just need to be more than 18 years old. There is no special description about gender, race, religion, or nationality to join the nation.

Well, until now, Asgardia is still a prototype and not a real nation. But who knows what will happen in the next ten years, right?


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