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Apparently, what we do before we go to bed would make an impact in the next morning.

Victoria Tunggono   11 March 2016 13:00

Brilio.net - Living in a modern and urban life might exhaust our bodies and souls. The workload, traffic jams, air and sound pollution, not to mention some drama in our social lives… But how do we stay happy despite all that? They said what we feel the first thing in the morning could determine how the rest of our day unfolds. Apparently, what we do before we go to bed would make an impact in the next morning. So what can we do to make our days happier?

1. Review your day and be grateful for what you have

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Have a moment of reflection before you sleep, replaying the day that is about to end and be grateful for everything that went well, the people you met and things you accomplished throughout the day. Focusing on the gratitude will provide a positive aura and energy to your mind.

2. Make a resolution for your self and say it out loud

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Plan on what you are going to do for the following day. Perhaps creating something new or doing some improvements to whatever you do—no matter how small it is. Make at least one resolution for the next day, write it down or maybe say it out loud to make sure your brain is getting it. And do it tomorrow!

3. Intend to remember your dreams and keep them in a journal

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Keeping a dream journal on your bedside table and writing your dreams first thing in the morning will definitely improve your mood on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense, but dreams are a way for your subconscious to process the day and for the Universe to show you things that we may need.

4. Breathe deeply and meditate

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Have some moments to focus on your body, all the different parts of it. Feel the soul inside of your body, feel how your body occupies itself. Feel the aches and pains, take note of muscles you need to stretch in the morning. Doing some relaxing yoga positions can help, too!

5. Give a little bit of love

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Have a minute to spread a little love. Kiss your partner and kids, or hug them tight. Pet your dog or cat. And don’t forget to perform a little self-love, like massaging sore muscles or whispering to yourself how you love your life. You might not see the change immediately, but sometime soon!



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