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We can find 17 Indonesian go-getters ranging from musician to CEOs.

Petra Hapsari   11 April 2016 17:45

Brilio.net - A lot of young people in Indonesia are coming forth with proud achievements. Forbes has released their list of 30 promising Asians under the age of 30. From the list, we can find 17 go-getters from Indonesia ranging from musician to CEOs.

Here, we bring you the names of the proud youths that are doing the Indonesian flag justice.

1. Joey Alexander Sila (12), Musician

Image via youniks

He was also a nominee for two categories in the world’s most prestigious music award. For more information, click here.


2. Peggy Hartanto (27), Fashion designer

Image via fashion-enterprise

3. Helga Angelina Tjahjadi (25), Co-Founder of Burgreens

Image via datsun

4. Carline Darjanto (28), Entrepreneur

Image via instagram/carlinedarjanto

5. Merrie Elizabeth (28), CEO and Creative Director of BloBar Salon

Image via instagram/merrieelizabeth

6. Yasa Paramita Singgih (20), Founder and President of Men’s Republic

Image via blogeimie

7. Ferry Unardi (28), Co-Founder and CEO of Traveloka

Image via agateseo

8. Moses Lo (27), Founder and CEO of Xendit

Image via insparazzi

9. Abraham Viktor (23), Co-Founder and CEO of Taralite

Image via forbes



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