They are going to be the new face of Indonesian rupiah

Ahada Ramadhana   15 September 2016 16:36


1. (HC) Ir. Soekarno and Dr. (HC) Drs. Mohammad Hatta for Rp 100,000.


2. H. Djuanda Kartawidjaja for Rp 50,000.


3. G.S.S.J Ratulangi for Rp 20,000.


4. Frans Kaisiepo for Rp 10,000.


5. K.H Idham for Rp 5,000.


6. Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin for Rp 2,000.


7. Tjut Meutiah for Rp 1,000.


8. I Gusti Ketut Pudja for Rp 1,000.


9. Letnan Jendral TNI (Purn) Tahi Bonar Simatupang for Rp 500.


10. Tjiptomangunkusumo for Rp 200.


11. Dr. IR Herman Johanes for Rp 100.



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