Indonesian food is great and these foreigners are out to convince you.

Andry Trysandy Mahany   18 October 2016 11:31 - Still have doubts on just how great Indonesian food can be? These foreigners wrote songs about them that might convince you. 

1. Fransoa – Aku Lapar (I’m Hungry)

There are around 43 different Indonesian food mentioned in this song by a French man, Francois Xavier Renou, clad in a punk rock attire in the video. Nasi kuning, nasi liwet, bakso, mie ayam, semur, tumpeng, gado-gado, sayur asem, pepes... you name it!


2. J20 – Indomie

Who doesn’t love Indomie? This famous brand of instant noodle is so delicious it's become a local delicacy in its own right and inspired one rapper from Nigeria to upload a video of him osinging about Indomie on YouTube. He even showed off his Indomie supply in his backpack and in the trunk of his car. 


3. Kvitland – Nasi Padang

Of course, there just had to be a song about one of the most highly regarded local delicacy: nasi padang. Kvitland, a Norwegian, found himself so hynotized by the strong tastes of this West Sumatran food he composed a love song dedicated to the dish. He went as far as saying he would marry nasi Padang, if it were a human being. 




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