Image: Instagram/halfhalftravel

Just because you're not in the same place, doesn't mean you cant take pictures of yourself together.

Andry Trysandy Mahany   01 February 2017 15:00

Becca and Dan are in a long-distance relationship. Though they are not physically in the same place, they found a way to combine their daily lives and show it to other people.

"We're a couple travelling the world, apart. Our photos meet in the middle when we can't," they wrote on their Instagram account, @halfhaftravel.

We picked some of our favorite pictures from their account for you.


1. Empire State Building in New York and Big Ben in London


2. Streets in South Africa and Mexico


3. Historical buildings in Frankfurt and Amsterdam


4. Historical site in Teorihuacan, Mexico and Signal Hill in South Africa


5. Motorbikes in Israel and Colombia


6. Cow in Colombia and Zebra in South Africa


7. Mexican Peso and US Dollar


8. Valenciaga vs New York


9. Sunset in Israel and Portugal


10. Iconic buildings in United States and Serbia


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