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Nur Romdlon   07 October 2016 15:52

Brilio.net - While most thieves try not to leave a trace when stealing, this guy proved he is no ordinary thief.

Facebook user Chucky Kayy in Kajang, Malaysia, recently posted on the Friends of BN – Barisan Nasional fanpage an apology letter left a man who had stolen all of the car's four tires. "I don't know what to say. A kind-hearted tire thief left an apology letter but surely the owner is having a headache."


The letter says: “Dear Sir: I am sorry for my distress in obtaining money to finance my sister's operation. I made the decision to take and borrow your tires. Thank you. Please forgive me. "

The confusing post went viral and gained a lot of responses from netizens, some of whom saw the matter as pure comedy, while others showed sympathy to the car's owner. 


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