Nothing's getting between this man and his coffee.

Septika Shidqiyyah   24 October 2016 12:43 - Heavy rains poured over Hong Kong last week, causing flooding in several areas. That, however, did not get between this old man and his coffee as shown in a photo of him sitting in Starbucks with his paper despite the rising water around him. 

The picture was accidentally captured by Kristy Chan who snapped it to show her family how bad the flooding was. "It was quite funny," said the 23-year-old medical worker behind the camera, as quoted from BBC. "Maybe he already has that many life experiences so the flood didn't bother him at all."

Cue the flood of memes that took over the internet featuring this very image.

1. "Waves don't kill my vibe!"


2. Bombings? I'm ok, thanks.


3. This actually feels like the beach...


4. Let’s watch the shark.


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