If you think you have tried every weight loss trick in the book and failed, maybe these little secrets can help you out.

Retno Wulandari   05 June 2016 09:42

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Have you been struggling to try to eat less, yet end up munching those cakes and pizzas? Maybe you’ve been letting yourself go hungry, so your body tells you to eat more and more. That is obviously not the best practice to shed some pounds.

If you think you have tried every weight loss trick in the book and failed, maybe these little secrets can help you out. Digest Diet author Liz Vaccariello uses new research and easy mealtime redecorations to help you slim down the simple way.

Studies on eating behaviours have shown you drink more when you have a short, wide glass over a narrow, tall one. The same way when we’re using a big plate, you’re more likely to eat larger portion rather than when using a small plate.

Now, as featured on Reader’s Digest, find out what scientists have to say about colours and their relations to weight loss:

1 Stop eating junk by sorting the colours of food

Image via saga

Our subconscious mind has labelled that healthy foods are “green,” less-healthy are “yellow,” and those with little nutritional value are “red.” With losing weight in mind, position your foods in the fridge and pantry so the green foods are most accessible and red foods are hardest to reach.

Massachusetts General Hospital researchers have been using this method to help cut back on junk and implemented a similar system in the hospital’s cafeteria. They put green labels on water and low-fat dairy products and put them within reach. They also put red labels on soda and other unhealthy foods and the sales for those red items have drastically fallen.

2 Suppress appetite and snacking using unnatural colours

Image via pureworldhealth

According to experts, the colour blue has us eating less  too. The possible reason is that it goes back to our days as cavemen. There are so few blue foods that are found in nature, so we tend to avoid them, thinking that they might be poisonous.

Image via theinteriordirectory

Try eating on blue plates, paint your kitchen or dining room blue, choose a blue fridge, as it might discourage mindless snacking.

3 Change the colours of your plate to control portion

Image via bonappetit

It seems like a small thing that isn’t even worth your time, but the habit of matching the colour of your plate and your foods is actually a significant thing when it comes to your weight loss.

Scientists from Cornell University found that people ate about 20 percent more pasta in Alfredo sauce when it was served on a matching white plate than on a contrasting red one. Same thing happens when you eat minestrone in a red bowl, it’s a recipe of overeating.

Image via meltyfood

The researchers think that a colour difference helps make the brain more aware of portion sizes. The reason behind this drastic difference in serving size is that when the color of your food blends in with the color of your plate, then the amount of food doesn’t appear to be as large. The result is that you will end up scooping more food onto the plate. Just take a look at this illustration:

Image by Wulan

And that’s how colours can be one of your tools to lose weight, besides those routine exercises and healthy diets. Good luck!



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