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Yellow crusts can become a breeding ground for bacteria that cause health problems.

  2 Mei 2024 10:00 - A crusty bathroom floor can be a problem that must be addressed immediately. The impact can be felt directly or indirectly. Directly, yellow crust can make the floor slippery and dangerous, especially when wet. This can increase the risk of slips and falls, especially for children and the elderly. Apart from that, yellow crust is also a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause health problems such as skin infections or respiratory problems if inhaled in large quantities.

To prevent the negative impact of a crusty bathroom floor, it is important to clean it regularly and thoroughly. Usually a number of people will rely on porcelain cleaning fluid to clean the bathroom. However, there are also those who mix their own cleaning fluid from a number of special ingredients and hot water. Using hot water is considered to help remove yellow crust more optimally.

However, apart from using hot water, you can also clean the yellow crust on the bathroom floor with other, more effective ingredients. Well, this material was explained further by Instagram user @ekaratnasari707. Through one of the uploaded videos, he admitted that he only relied on two simple ingredients and one of them came from the kitchen.

Reported by BrilioFood on Wednesday (1/5), the kitchen ingredient in question is dishwashing soap . As for other ingredients, he relies on citrus or citric acid. Well, you can get this citrus at the nearest grocery store or cake shop, OK?

trick to get rid of yellow crust on the bathroom floor in 5 minutes  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@ekaratnasari707

To use it, simply mix the two ingredients in one container. Then dissolve it with enough water. No need to use hot water, you can dissolve it with tap water or plain water at room temperature.

trick to get rid of yellow crust on the bathroom floor in 5 minutes  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@ekaratnasari707

If it has been mixed evenly, immediately pour it onto the yellow crusty part of the bathroom floor. Then let it sit for approximately 5 minutes so that the cleaning fluid can penetrate completely into the crust. Only then rub it with a brush.

After scrubbing evenly, rinse the bathroom floor with running water. In an instant, the bathroom floor was shiny again because the crust had been completely removed. This indicates that the mixture of citrus and dish soap is very effective in making the bathroom shine again.

trick to get rid of yellow crust on the bathroom floor in 5 minutes  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@ekaratnasari707

Having been watched more than 13 thousand times, this video about tricks for getting rid of yellow crust in the bathroom immediately caught the attention of netizens. Who would have thought, many other Instagram users were interested and also provided responses directly in the comments column. Not a few even admitted that they wanted to try this trick directly.

"Thanks for the info, let's try it," said Instagram @noerekha1.

"Do you use scrub?" asked the Instagram account @phiiteee.

"Yeah, just rub it with a brush," said Instagram @ekaratnasari707.

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