Siblings bond over many things. For these two, it's dance.

Victoria Tunggono   20 November 2016 10:31 - If you're often on YouTube, you may have come across dancing videos of young Filipino siblings Ranz and Niana. The pair may be nine years apart, but their passion in dancing makes them a really great team to watch.

Before dancing together, Ranz Kyle already had quite a following in the Philippines, starting his fame as a member of all-boy teen group Chicser. The handsome 19-year-old singer/dancer then became a social media celebrity, gathering fans of over 4.5 million on Facebook, as well as on other social medias.

As he noticed his 10-year-old sister Niana Guerrero’s dancing talent, Kyle encouraged her to pursue her passion. He taught her his dance moves and soon the pair started performing together on dance duet covers.


“It's fun, healthy, and it's a great way to bond,” said Kyle, as quoted from the ABS-CBN News. “Sometimes we just dance out of nowhere when we hear a beat, and realize how similar our moves are. It's been great dancing with my little sis.”

They use the app for the music background and dance through the songs then publish the clips regularly on another Facebook page called ‘Ranz and Niana’. Collaborating with his sister seems to be a great decision for Kyle, as the fans of this sibling duo have already reached a million to date.

The siblings said the covers are dedicated to their parents. "I think what really makes our parents happy is seeing their kids bond. It gives them joy," Kyle added.

The fans seem to agree, with numerous praises being sent on their Facbeook page. “As a mom I LOVE seeing that bond form and I know, God forbid, something ever happens to my husband or myself, her big brother will watch over her and take care of her,” wrote Brandy Howard.

Another fan, Manda Roman, said that the siblings have influenced her "to be a better woman and a better mother."

Recently, the pair challenged siblings all over the world to post their very own video of their sibling partner-in-crime on with the hashtag #siblinggoals, further inspiring families all over the world to come together for a good, fun cause.



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