He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, with a double major in hotness!

Fadila Adelin   30 August 2016 13:40

Brilio.net - The Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama attended a court hearing on Monday, August 22 on the Regional Elections Law regarding a point which requires incumbent regional heads to take leave during the campaign period.

In the trial, Ahok was not accompanied by a lawyer, but there was a figure who managed to catch the public eye.

Rian Ernest is Ahok's personal staffer for law and government. Rian is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Indonesia and an alumnus of the Program Indonesia Mengajar (Indonesia Teaching Program).

His handsome looks have made him go viral! 

1. Accompanying Ahok. 

2. Sent by Indonesia Mengajar to South Rote. 

3. Bathing in a river. 

4. With his beloved students. 

5. Just chilling. 

6. Many say he looks like the actor Nicholas Saputra. 

7. So manly!

8. Married. Womp womp. 



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