The people that turn a star into an idol!

Septika Shidqiyyah   13 August 2016 18:26 - Living in the limelight means you are expected to look good all the time, so the choice of what who you wear is not taken lightly.

Here are the designers that Indonesian celebs usually go to:

1. Monica Ivena

Image via Instagram/@monicaivena

Actresses including Gisel, Nagita Slavina, Chelsea Olivia, Rosa and Aurel have worn her designs.


2. Clarissa Haryadi

Image via Instagram/@clarissaharyadi

Do you want to see her designs? Check the pre-wedding pictures of Putri Titian and Franda.


3. Anne Avantie

Image via Instagram/@anneavantieheart

The senior designer is no stranger to Indonesians. A lot of celebrities have worn her including Nagita Slavina, Atiqah Hasiholan, Raline Shah and more.


4. Aditya ‘Adcee’

Image via Instagram/@adit_adcee

Rina ‘nose’, Tantri ‘Kotak’ and Denada have all been seen in Adcee's designs.


5. Imelda Kartini

Image via Instagram/@imeldakartini

Julia Perez, Ariel Tatum, Franda, Joe Taslim and his family have worn the designs of this wedding and party dress specialist.


6. Sebastian Gunawan

Image via Instagram/@sebastiangunawanofficial

Young celebrities including Raisa and Chelsea Olivia wore gowns by this designer, who is now a global fashion figure.


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