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Some have been married for 24 years

  7 Mei 2024 23:25 - Homeland soap operas have a special place in the hearts of Indonesian people. In recent years, production houses have been competing to present more interesting stories in various genres. Well, one of the newest soap operas which is currently a mainstay and loved by the audience is Tertawan Hati.

Telling a story about a love story, this soap opera has succeeded in stealing the attention of small screen fans. The story centers on Alya, played by Naysilla Mirdad , a woman who lives in the Tengger highlands and works as a horse jockey at the foot of Mount Bromo. In this soap opera, the 35 year old artist also plays a character named Alyssa (Alya's twin).

Not only that, the soap opera Tertawan Hati also stars well-known Indonesian actors and actresses such as Jonas Rivanno (Mario), Rezky Adhitya (Aries), Tengku Firmansyah (Ridwan), and Titi Kamal (Soraya). In real life, some of the actors in Tertawan Hati already have lovers, you know. Some of them are married and have children.

The actors in the soap opera Tertawan Hati often upload portraits of their togetherness on their respective social media accounts. Take a peek at the intimate portraits of the Tertawan Hati players with their real partners, as compiled from various sources on Tuesday (7/5).