This guy dropped from the celebrity radar after early success

Sabar Artiyono   09 August 2016 10:13 - Some of you might have heard the name Rony Dozer, a 90s actor who once starred in the popular Indonesian horror movie, Jelangkung (The Uninvited). But since then no one heard much from him after the Bali-born actor disappeared from our TV screens.

Now he seems to have emerged. 

Rony apparently now works as an online taxi driver after a customer recognized him. 

"My @Uber_JKT driver is a famed actor :D #RonnyDozer," Ratna Dewi wrote on her Twitter account.

That status was also followed by a selfie.

With all these ride-sharing and cab-hailing apps on the scene nowadays, who knows who could be your next driver? 





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