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Filipinos actors Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos were invited by URCC to settle their score, once and for all, in the MMA cage.

  17 June 2016 17:59 - After recently making amends with student producer Khalil Vezosa over a dispute involving a late film script submission, controversial Filipino actor Baron Geisler has gotten himself into yet another assault incident. This time, the other person in question is fellow indie actor Kiko Matos.

On May 25 at Tomatokick Bar in Quezon City, Geisler and Matos began beating the crap out of each other after what was seemingly an act of peace between the two. Shortly after, Baron criticized Matos for disrespecting a bartender. Matos grabbed Geisler, and punches started flying. In what looks like self defense, 34-year-old Geisler fought back. The fight raged on for a minute or so before spectators broke it up.

Witnesses say the whole thing happened because Matos said “Baron talks too much,” despite owning the bar. Matos took it upon himself to teach Geisler a lesson. The whole thing was caught on video.

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What’s ridiculous is that after the fight blew up on social media, Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) openly invited them both to settle their beef in the cage, claiming it would be better instead of continuing the fight “behind bars.” Matos accepted immediately, telling Geisler, “I will fight you anywhere,” and “anytime, anywhere, I’ll be there.”

Geisler, who holds a black belt in Taekwondo, promised on Facebook that he “will make it happen.” The two are now set to fight under the rule of mixed martial art on June 25.

The public nature of it all has turned the match into a media circus. The spectacle even grabbed interest of Rolando Dy, a flyweight title holder of the Pacific Xtreme Combat circuit. Dy anticipates both celebrities, without training experience, will get too tired to fight after a round or so. For this reason, Dy said, if either one of them wants to train under him, he’s open to the idea. Famous martial art expert Franco Rulloda and veteran referee Joey Lepiten have offered to officiate the fight.

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Things got even more interesting after URCC announced it would change the venue, from the Palace Pool Club to the Valkyrie nightclub in Taguig City. The event had to be moved to a larger auditorium to accommodate a high demand for pre-ordered tickets. According to URCC’s representatives, all of the ticket revenue will be donated to charity (Aww, that’s sweet of them).

As the whole nation is eager to see this potential celebrity blood bath, Geisler is brushing up on his Taekwondo with his brother Donnie, a national Taekwondo athlete that represented the Philippines in the Summer Olympics back in 2000 and 2004. Kikos, on the other hand, said he “has a few tricks up on his sleeves as well.” So, who are you rooting for?


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