That's what you get for bribing the clerk of the court.

Petra Hapsari   20 July 2017 11:30

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) prosecutors demanded four years of imprisonment for dangdut singer Saipul Jamil after he allegedly tried to bribe the clerk of North Jakarta Court Rohadi with Rp 250 million.

“We, the public prosecutors, demand the defendant to be declared guilty of corruption as he violated the Law No. 31/1999 Article 5 Paragraph 1b on corruption," prosecutor Afni Carolina said on Wednesday.

Prosecutors also demanded the singers to pay Rp 100 million fine or get 6 months more of imprisonment.

Prosecutor Afni stated that Saipul bribed Rohadi with Rp 250 million so the punishment he gets following his forced fornication case could be lowered from the initial three years of imprisonment.

The act of bribery was done by his brother Samsul Hidayatullah and two of his lawyers Berthanatalia and Kasman Sangaji, with the money coming from Saipul's personal savings.

Saipul is considered as not supporting the government's program in eradicating corruption.

However, Saipul still denied the deed, despite Rohadi (the clerk) and Berthanatalia were arrested red handed in June 2016 with the money.



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