They might not come top in Indonesia, but abroad she is killing it!

Sabar Artiyono   03 August 2016 06:06 - Anggun Cipta Sasmi, better known as Anggun, is an Indonesian and French-naturalized singer. She’s known as a bit of a diva, and while a lot of people in the archipelago might be turning their noses up at her music since she left the country...she’s actually been churning out the hits.

A quick bio: Anggun has been playing music and singing since she was seven years old. She became a star in Indonesia before moving on to Europe. She is currently on her third French husband and has been a judge on Indonesian X Factor and Asia’s Got Talent! So there’s plenty to work with on the gossip front.

After naturalizing as a French citizen, Anggun represented France at Eurovision 2012 in Baku. The French government awarded her the prestigious Chevalier des Arts et Lettres and she has twice been a UN Global Ambassador.

Not so shabby, right?

The soulful singer has topped charts around Europe and had numerous top 10s. Here are five songs that have taken the European billboards by storm:

All references to France are to the international chart

1. ‘Snow on the Sahara’ topped music charts in France, Italy, Switzerland and the Ukraine


2. ‘Saviour’ from the album Luminescence was No. 1 in France and Ukraine


3. ‘Echo (You and I)’ from the album Echoes hit No. 1 in France


4. ‘I’ll Be Alright’ got to No. 1 in the Ukraine


5. ‘Only Love’ climbed to the top in France

Anggun’s certainly flying the Merah Putih abroad!



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