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The power of makeup can change a person's appearance

  13 April 2024 08:00 - Not a few people are bothered by the appearance of acne on the surface of the skin, especially on the face. Reporting from Healthline, acne can appear due to clogged pores and bacteria which are often difficult to treat.

The appearance of acne on facial skin can also reduce self-confidence. Especially if the acne is getting worse and inflamed. Inflamed acne can disrupt your appearance and often cause pain. This condition usually occurs in the area under the blackhead blockage.

Overcoming the problem of inflamed acne is not easy, it takes time and tests patience. Not only that, the results of makeup on acne-prone or acne-prone faces also look more textured and less flawless.

Even so, in fact acne can still be covered by using the right makeup techniques, you know. You will even get an automatically smooth face. As shared by one MUA via his personal TikTok account @setianugrahamakeup on April 5 2023.

In the video, he shares the transformation of a woman who has a breakout face or is full of acne . However, with his makeup skills, the MUA succeeded in changing the woman's face to become automatically smooth.

" Complexion tutorial for acne-prone faces ," said the MUA in the uploaded video which quoted from the TikTok account @setianugrahamakeup, Saturday (13/4).

Women with simple acne faces make TikTok gape

photo: TikTok/@setianugrahamakeup

In the 1 minute 40 second video, you can see the face of a woman who has acne on several parts of her face. In fact, his face also looked a little red due to inflamed acne and several acne scars that looked black.

In the first second, MUA is seen cleaning the woman's face using micellar water. Furthermore, he sprayed setting spray to make the woman's face more moisturized and matte. Then, MUA also applies skin preparation, namely using moisturizer and primer to moisturize the skin and make the makeup stick to the skin easily.

Furthermore, MUA was seen mixing two foundation shades and using the foundation burn technique to make the foundation creamier and easier to blend. He used a beauty blender to smooth it out so it wasn't putty. Then, he also applied liquid foundation and contour first and started doing baking techniques using loose powder and pressed powder so that the makeup didn't crack or shift easily.

In the next second, the woman with acne immediately transformed with simple, flawless and very elegant makeup. It looks like the woman's eyebrows are more precise and neat with the dark gray color.

Then, make the eyelids more colorful by applying eyeshadow with a peach makeup theme, which combines peach color, a little brown at the end of the eye, and gold shimmer which makes the eye makeup more lively.

To complete the eye make-up, MUA was also seen applying thin wing liner type eyeliner, as well as curly false eyelashes and using dark gray contact lenses to make the eye make-up look more optimal.

Women with simple acne faces make TikTok gape

photo: TikTok/@setianugrahamakeup

Applying peach lipstick with a glossy impression makes the appearance of women with acne-prone faces look fresher. Finally, MUA also applies highlighter to several areas of the face, such as the nose, chin, inner corners of the eyes, and several other areas of the face.

The makeup of women who have acne-prone faces looks automatically smooth. Even though it is simple, the results will amaze you. This proves that with the right makeup techniques and use of makeup products, acne on the face can be completely disguised or even invisible at all.

Her appearance was even more stunning with the use of a simple white kebaya and matching hijab. The addition of the mentul bow also makes the woman more graceful.

Women with simple acne faces make TikTok gape

photo: TikTok/@setianugrahamakeup

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