Don't choose shampoo carelessly if you don't want your hair to become thin and fall out

  8 April 2024 06:29 - Having beautiful and healthy hair is everyone's dream. Not only women, men also want their hair to look soft and grow healthily. They do various ways to get the desired hair beauty. Even though maximum care has been taken. Problems such as hair loss are the main problem that many people fear most.

The process of hair loss involves a complex hair growth cycle, which consists of three main phases. Active growth phase in which hair continues to grow for several years. About 85-90% of hair is in this phase at any given time.

Enters a brief transition phase where hair growth stops. This phase lasts for several weeks. Then it moves into the resting phase where old hair remains in the hair follicle without new growth. At the end of the phase the old hair falls out and is replaced by new hair. About 10-15% of hair is in the resting phase.

how to choose shampoo for hair loss

how to choose shampoo for hair loss sources

The conditions above are influenced by several factors, namely genetics, stress, hormonal imbalance, diet, and use of inappropriate products. Some hair products contain harsh chemicals that can damage hair and cause hair loss.

Choosing the right shampoo is an important step in dealing with hair loss. So, here are five ways to choose shampoo for hair loss, as summarized by from various sources, Sunday (7/4).

1. Understand your hair type.

The first thing that is quite important is to know your hair and scalp type. You can use a shampoo formulated for dry scalp that is also used on oily hair.

2. Do your research before buying shampoo.

Reporting from, Sunday (7/4), don't be too fixated on the anti-hair loss shampoo label. Before buying, do research first to choose it. Not all shampoos can help treat hair loss. First, check the type of hair, problem, ingredients and pH level of the shampoo that is effective in treating hair loss.

3. Use shampoo containing natural ingredients.

For those of you who have hair loss, it is recommended that you avoid chemical ingredients. You can use shampoo that contains natural active ingredients. Try to avoid shampoos containing sodium lauryl sulfates, ammonium lauryl sulfate, myreth sulfate, siloxanes, lauryl alcohol derivatives, propylene glycyl, and olefin sulfonate.

Instead, use thuja occidentalis content. Apart from that, you can also use zinc, biotin, collagen, a mixture of gluco-omega, keratin, pumpkin seed oil, rosemary and green tea extract.

4. Proper shampoo pH level.

Another way is to know the right pH of shampoo. Ideally, shampoo for hair loss has a pH close to 6.5. This is due to the optimal pH of the scalp. So it doesn't make the scalp and hair dry and keeps it moist. It can even make hair shiny.

5. Use shampoo with little foam.

You need to know that the amount of foam in shampoo does not determine whether the product works or not. The less foam, the better. This is because the shampoo molecules absorb more dirt and oil.

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