Several well-known designer brands tried to restore some exclusivity to the brand by bringing some brilliant art to their timepieces

  30 Januari 2016 06:00 - When fashion meets fine art, it isnt hard to imagine the result will be beyond fashionable; they would be very limited and highly raved!

While the fashion itself is a form of arts, several well-known designer brands tried to escape beyond the mass-marketed products for the common folk,and restore some exclusivity to the brand; started with their timepieces.

1. Herms Mille Fleurs du Mexique

This hand-painted dial timepiece carries inspiration from one of the iconic Herms silk scarves, this time a Mille Fleurs. Named after the 15th and 16th century Mexican tapestries, the painting features dazzling patterns of flowers, feathers and foliages circling a horse-like figure; a heart of Bianchis design.

Its mother-of-pearl dial serves as a canvas for the insanely detailed painting, which is so intricating to wearers and observers eyes. Set in a white gold case, the ultra slim wristwatch is an impressive 2.6 millimetres thin. A smooth green alligator strap bind together the overall look of the elaborate pattern.

4 Hand-painted timepieces are truly work of art on your wrist

With only six pieces produced in the world, Herms Mille Fleurs du Mexique limited edition worth the high rank in the wishlist.

2.Herms Slim Koma Kurab

Japanese artist Buzan Fukushima, known for his elaborate vases and plates design, is one of the rare artisans who still practice the Aka-e; painting technique that enjoyed its heyday in 19th century Japan.

Fukushimas skilfull hands turned Herms timepiece into artwork: the phenomenal Herms Slim Koma Kurab. It was the first time that French porcelain has been combined with the Japanese art.

4 Hand-painted timepieces are truly work of art on your wrist

Herms entitled him to design 12 porcelain dials, each presenting different designs of the red painting.

These limited edition timepieces come in a round 39.5 milimeters white gold case and is fitted with a matt havana alligator strap equipped with a white gold pin buckle, featuring mechanical self-winding H1950 movement.

3. Ralph Lauren Stirrup Hand Painted Watch

Ralph Laurens iconic watch, Stirrup, had been transformed into artwork with hand-painted equestrian figures; the distinctive symbol of Polo brands identity.

As soon as the brands name is evoked, the famous logo of a polo player in action, riding stick in the air, comes to mind immediately. Thats the main reason why Mr. Ralph Lauren himself choose the figure to be painted, as well as the Stirrup model (which is actually shaped like a riding stirrup), turning these pieces into exceptional artworks.

4 Hand-painted timepieces are truly work of art on your wrist

These watches have been produced in only two pieces: one with a black background that Mr Ralph Lauren keeps in his personal collection, and the other one with English green background, presented in Hong Kong, and only available at the ultra luxurious flagship store in the heart of Causeway bay.

4. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Personally Painted

This is your chance to create your own artwork: the Reverso offers an excellent opportunity for personalization, so you can put your personal design to the iconic timepiece.

4 Hand-painted timepieces are truly work of art on your wrist

You may choose to have your own name or initial in classic English-style alphabet engraved on the dial, or maybe your zodiac sign, or whatever you like. Another option is to choose for a piece of art made in enamel.

Well, a personally engraved Reverso would be a great way to propose instead the usual ring, dont you think?