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No specific instant coffee is needed to make this beverage

Retno Wulandari   20 January 2016 18:37

Brilio.net - Homemade cold-brew coffee is great way to add some caffeine to the day. But in reality, who really has the time to make it? And having to stop by a coffee shop to buy one every day will break the hard earned piggybank.

Well, when you are an iced-coffee-addict but your time and wallet don’t always support the habit, what would you do?

As suggested by Erin Cullum, a caffeine-lover, just hack it!

With this solution, you can get a glass of strong and creamy iced-coffee in less than two minutes, thanks to the magical ingredient: instant coffee.

No specific instant coffee is needed to make this beverage. Just use what you’ve got on the kitchen rack, or maybe in the shop, with your favourite strength. The recipe is beyond easy:

First, heat up a couple tablespoons of water (microwave, gas-stove or electric kettle will do, or simply use hot water from the water dispenser) until it’s boiling. Remember not to use too much water. Pour the water into a glass, then mix it with a spoonful of instant coffee granules of your choice.

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Next, fill the glass halfway with your choice of creamer (you can also use fresh milk, almond milk, or another nut milk), and mix it with a couple teaspoon of sugar (you may substitute it with vanilla or caramel syrup if available). Be sure to leave enough room to top it all off with a couple handfuls of ice.

And voila! You’re ready to start the day with your homemade creamy iced coffee!

Photo: Popsugar

This recipe is easy to do on busy weekday mornings, and will be a great way to start the weekend at the end of the month (while you’re desperately longing for the payday).


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