Traffic? What traffic?

Nafilah   26 September 2016 18:55 -  The grass is always greener on the other side — especially if you're living the daily grind of a big city. It's easy to imagine living away from the hustle and bustle when stuck in traffic or being rained on at the bus stop after classes or work; somewhere simple, and perhaps closer to nature. 

In these 23 images, as taken from Inspirasi Kehidupan, photographer Saravit Whanset captures just what it's like to live in the countryside. 

1. Laundry down the river.


2. A nice refreshing shower in a rice field.


3. A farmer and his water buffalos.


4. Out cooking and smoking.


5. Everyone coming together for the harvest.


6. Taken in a village in Thailand.


7. Football is everyone's favorite pastime.


8. Waterfight!


9. Breathtaking sunsets...


10. An afternoon joy ride?


11. Casual conversations by the fall.


12. A little shepherd and his water buffalos.


13. Felicity in modesty.


14. A pretty view, a happy smile.


15. We'd put down our phones for this.


16. Mother-and-son bonding time.


17. A lot of hard work to be done too.



18. That would be one hell of a view to wake up to...


19. We don't get this kind of afternoon stroll in the city.


20. Here's how you do it.


21. An old man by the river.


22. What's for dinner?


23. Cool catch!




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