The famous Muara Kuin floating market in South Kalimantan

These pics will blow you away.

Victoria Tunggono   20 August 2016 18:27 - Indonesia is a huge country with incredible natural beauty and hundreds of different cultures. There are also dozens of different ethnicities within its meandering borders. 

All of that all combines to make a photographer's paradise and it's no surprise that so many award-winning photos have come from the archipelago!

To celebrate World Photo Day this week, we've gathered 100 examples from around the country for you to enjoy!

1. "Children Playing With Their Roosters" by Ario Wibisono

2. "Morning At Situ Gunung" by Michael Theodoric

3. "Rooster" by Achmad Munasit aka Asit

4. "Dokar" by Chris McGrath

5. "Kecak" by Matthew Oldfield

6. "The Mentawai" series by Diego Vergés

7. Untitled by Teuku Jody Zulkarnaen

8. "Papua New Guinea" by Andrew Newey

9. "Everyday Life of Indonesian Villagers" series by Herman Damar

10. "Kala Senja Menjelang" by Sukron Ma'mun

11. "Ketoprak (Javanese Theatre)" by Budi N.D. Dharmawan

12. "Jalan Pulang" by Sukron Ma'mun

13. "Beautiful Insect" by Nordin Seruyan

14. "Menyusuri Bias Cahaya Mu" by Sukron Ma'mun

15. "Sunrise at Borobudur Temple" by Matthew Williams-Ellis

16. "Mentawai" series by Diego Vergés

17. "Everyday Life of Indonesian Villagers" series by Herman Damar

18. "Marapu" series by Diego Vergés

19. Fishermen by Agah Permadi

20. "Padar Islands" by Rina Ng




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