Goa Gajah in Gianyar Bali (Photo via Balimediainfo)

These pictures show the island and its landmarks in their untouched beauty.

Retno Wulandari   11 November 2016 16:23

Brilio.net - Bali has changed rapidly over the years under a storm of modernization and the influences of foreign culture brought in by the millions of tourists who have touched down on its shores. 

There are still solid cultural roots linking the Island of the Gods to its past, but that island paradise was very different to the destination we know now.

The photos below show the serenity of earlier days. 

1. Temple in Sangsit, Buleleng, in 1910.

(Photo via Balimediainfo)

2. Tanah Lot Temple in Tabanan without tourists. Date unknown. 

(Photo via Balimediainfo)

3. Woman in front of a traditional house. Date unknown. 

(Photo via infobagussite)

4. Goa Gajah in Gianyar. Some of the ancient statues were stolen and are still missing. Pre-World War II.

(Photo via Balimediainfo) 

5. Girls pound rice. Date unknown. 

(Photo via infobagussite)

6. Ngaben ceremony for deceased Balinese king. Early 20th Century.

(Photo via Balimediainfo)


7. Karangasem Palace, now known as Taman Sukasada, Taman Ujung or the Ujung Water Palace. The royal seat of the 17th-Century Karangasem Kingdom in eastern Bali. 1925. 

(Photo via Balifornian Tours)


8. Pelataran Agung Besakih Temple circa 1930.

(Photo via Mantrahindu)

9. Beratan Lake with Ulun Danu Temple in Bedugul. Date unknown. 

(Photo via Balimediainfo)

10. Lawah Cave and Goa Lawah Temple in Klungkung. One of the Sad Khayangan, six most important Balinese temples. Date unknown. 

(Photo via Balimediainfo)



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