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Ahada Ramadhana   12 September 2016 17:05

Brilio.net - A drunk policeman was detained in Kemayoran, North Jakarta, after he took his gun out and pointed it at passersby. But, this isn't the first time police have been left with egg on their face. The force's reputation has been tarnished for years due to corruption and threatening public behavior. 

While national scandals have typically grabbed the headlines, here is a list of local police controversies:

1. The assault on Wisnuhandy Widyastono

Image via Facebook/Wisnuhandy Widyastono

It happened after Wisnuhandy asked the police to show him the letter of assignment when they stopped his motorbike.


2. Drugs possession

Image via merdeka.com

Police Chief Brigadier R.A. (criminal suspects are identified only by their initials in Indonesia) was arrested by National Narcotics Agency (BNN) for drugs possession. He reportedly also distributed it to other police officers. He later escaped from prison. 


3. Violence against workers in Banggai

Image via merdeka.com

In 2013, the police chief of Banggai, Central Sulawesi, Police Superintendent Y.K. was fired for violence against construction workers on Kintom bridge in Banggai. One civilian was shot and many people were injured, including a police officer who had to be rushed to hospital.


4. The assault on a parking attendant and security guard

Image via merdeka.com

Police Chief Inspector E.S. battered a security guard and parking attendant at a nightclub in Magelang, Central Java, while he served as a local police chief in nearby Wonosobo. He beat Muhtamin, a security guard he knew personally. Then, after a parking attendant, Muhtasor, tried to intervene he was beaten by E.S. and his friends.


5. The case of Wiwin Susilowati

Image via binscorner.com

Wiwin Susilowati was beaten by First Inspector S. during an operation in front of Ilham Brajan, Klaten, Central Java. Wiwin asked for an explanation, yet S. then dared him to report his actions. Finally, Wiwin reported the First Inspector. 


6. Ticket for carrying a musical instrument. 

Image via merdeka.com

The owner of Instagram account @muhammadfahmimuzaki was fined for carrying musical instruments in his car. This incident occured in Cirebon, West Java.


7. Allegations of child abuse

Image via merdeka.com

In 2012, a police with initial second inspector (IPDA) TS was reported to the Div Propam Headquarter Denpasar, Bali for allegedly molesting a 5th grade kid five times.


8. Another cases related to fines

Image via Facebook

For carrying a box using a motorcycle, the owner of a Facebook account, Adde Der Panzer was fined IDR 200,000 or around USD 15. The police asked him to pay for IDR 500,000 or USD 37,75 but then he made a bargaining. This incident occured in Cirebon, West Java.


9. Filicide

Image via facebook

One shocking case happened in February 2016 when Brig. Petrus Bakus from the Melawi Police Station in West Kalimantan killed and dismembered his two children. Petrus is indicated to suffer a mental illness, causing him to act as if he was possessed. He also appeared to threaten to kill his wife by using a chopping knife.


10. Extortion

In 2013, a 4-minute documented video showing a corrupt practice by a policeman went viral. The video shows a policeman at one intersection in Bali was asking for money from a Dutch journalist following a traffic violation.


Bigger cases, bigger names

A number of major cases also bring several names of high-ranking police officers:

1. Corruption and bribe

Image via antaranews

Back in 2011, the former National Police chief detective, Comr. Gen. (ret) Susno Duadji found guilty in two corruption cases and was sentenced to three years and six months in prison.

Susno was declared guilty due to the misuse of general election security funds when he served as the West Java Police chief. He was also accepting bribes in the middle of investigation of the PT Salmah Arowana Lestari investment scam.


2. Corruption and money laundering

Image via antaranews

The former chief of the National Traffic Police Corps, Insp. Gen. Djoko Susilo is sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2014 after proven guilty of corruption and money laundering related to driving simulator procurement project. This case causes the country to suffer losses up to Rp 121 billion.


3. Involved in premeditated murder

Image via antaranews

Sr. Comr. Williardi Wizard gained public attention over the assasination of the Director of PT. Putra Rajawali Banjaran, Nasrudin Zulkarnain which also involved the former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) chairman Antasari Azhar. He was considered guilty and senteced 12 years in prison because of his participation in the murder including for giving a false testimony.




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