You should be grateful for what you have!

Fadila Adelin   18 October 2016 18:23 - There is a big disparity between the quality of education in rural and developed areas of Indonesia.  

Besides a lack of teaching staff, educational facilities are minimal. Many school buildings are being used well beyond their life cycle and capacity, but there are few or no alternatives. 

Taken from UNESCO Indonesia, here are the photos to take you into trains of feels:

1. No proper roof

2. A rural classroom 

3. Dilapitated buildings

4. Studying in a used goat pen

5. Makeshift walls

6. Bamboo walls are fragile and can collapse at anytime

7. Bamboo is also used for ceilings

8. But, no matter how bad the condition of your school is...

9. Your teacher is always by your side! 

10. Chin up, it will get better someday :)



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