This woman's pretty convinced, but we'll let you decide.

Tunggul Kumoro   06 October 2016 17:20

We've seen Banksy's works — or images of them — on the walls of New York City, London, and even Gaza. We've seen his film Exit from the Gift Shop. We've read conspiracy theories about the artist. But we've never quite known who he (she? them?) really is. 

This week, a woman in Australia, where Banksy currently has an exhibition, might have just nearly outted the artist's identity as she casually shot a video of a grafitti artist at work. 

Seeing the freshly-sprayed and signed wall, the woman attempted to unmask the man by chasing him down the street while her camera managed to partially capture his face before the man shooed the girl and ran away.

Could this really be Banksy? 

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