In the midst of his busy schedule managing the company, Indra often finds time to travel around the world.

  29 Juli 2020 18:00

Nikita Willy is feeling happy. After four years of having an affair with Indra Priawan, he finally officially proposed to his lover on Sunday (26/7). The moment of the proposal, which was held behind closed doors at a hotel in the South Jakarta area, became the public spotlight.

The reason is, there was news circulating that Nikita Willy and Indra Priawan had broken up. This proposal was not only a sign of Indra and Nikita's seriousness in establishing a relationship, but also made the wishes of their late father come true.

Since having an affair with Nikita Willy, the figure of Indra Priawan has attracted public attention. Moreover, his status as a young entrepreneur and grandson of the founder of one of the leading transportation companies in Indonesia. The life of this 28 year old man now arouses public curiosity. So who is Indra Priawan, actually? Check out the complete list of facts about Indra Priawan, Nikita Willy's future husband.