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Syifa Fauziah   29 September 2016 18:21

Brilio.net - We don't blame you if Lake Toba stands as the sole destination you can think of when considering North Sumatra for your travels. But to make the most of your trip, we've come up with a list that might just offer a much needed variety for your itinerary. 

1. Muara Nauli

Image via Instagram/@horastapanuliutara

There are penty of hotels and villas around this area from which you'll get to enjoy views of the lake.


2. Kawah Sipoholon (Sipoholon Crater)

Image via Instagram/@ adi_nainggolan

Located not far from Tarutung, her, the water temperature could rise up to 70 degrees celsius and contains soda and sulfur that locals believe could cure any skin disease.


3. Huta Ginjang

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There are many different angles from which to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba and Huta Ginjang is one of them. Imagine an afternoon with a view of the lake, surrounded by pine trees while interacting with wild birds and animals such as monkeys, wild boars, chickens, eagles, among others. 

4. Gua Natumandi (Natumandi Cave)

Image via www.tobatabo.com

Aside from offering a beautiful view outside, inside, travelers will incredible stalactites and stalagmites that make for a wonderful spectacle.


5. Pemandian Air Soda (Soda Water Baths)

Image via www.klikhotel.com

This bathing places was first established in 1976 and is the only sode water bath in Indonesia. 


6. Sopo Partungkoan

Image via www.pariwisatasumut.net

Sopo Partungkoan, which literally translates to "a meeting house," offers a historical tourist destination. A nearby well is one of the site's main attraction, believed to be a place where King Sisingamangaraja XII would go to bathe.


7. Sibandang Island

Image via Instagram/@paulbinsar

Despite being the most populr, the Samosir Island is not the only island in Lake Toba as the lake hosts a number of other small islands, including Sibandang Islnd. Home to North Tapanuli's mango farmers, the island is just as worthy of a visit as Samosir.  


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