One of these islands even became a filming location for a Hollywood movie.

  20 December 2016 17:10 - Lake Toba and Mentawai Island are both beautiful and fascinating destinations anyone visiting the Indonesian island of Sumatra definitely do not want to miss. But in case that's already on your itinerary and you're looking for more great sites to check out, the region's marine tourism has more to offer than just the places in your guidebooks.

1. Pandang Island

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This natural beauty in Batubara, North Sumatra, is home to beautiful corals and clear waters around the island. One will also be able to find a turtle breeding ground and freshwater wells in the area.

2. Berhala Island

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This outer island of Indonesia is located in Tanjung Beringin, North Sumatra. Although military personnels guard the area since it borders with neighboring countries, the island can still be reached from several ports, such as one on Cermin Beach, Serdang Bedagai, and the port of Tanjung Tiram in Batubara.

It takes two to three hours to reach the Sedang Bedagai Port from Medan and another four to five hours to reach the uninhabited island by boat. There are no hotels on the island, so it's recommended to rent one of the marine's dormitories or bring your own tent when planning to stay overnight. 

3. Badalu Island

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The Badalu Island in Barus, Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra offers travelers the beauty of crystal-clear waters and beautiful reefs that attract fishes like Moorish Idol, Butterfly Fish, Angel Fish, Anthias, Lion and Clown Fish.

It takes up to 10 hours from Medan to get to the island, and one should always take note of the day's weather before crossing to the island.

4. Mursala Island

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This island is home to a beautiful waterfall that flows right into the blue ocean. It is located in the Tapian Nauli area in Central Tapanuli, and used to be one of the filming locations for the movie King Kong in 2005.  


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