Angga Roni Priambodo  21 August 2017 15:50

“God was smiling when He created Indonesia,” the proverb said — and we believe that it might be right.

Indonesia has places with incomparable wonderful view and one of them is in Widi Island, South Halmahera, North Maluku.

Here are ten proof of the beauty of Widi Islands:

1. A hut in the middle of beautiful sea

Image: Instagram/andaruintan

2. Peaceful and quiet atmosphere

Image: Instagram/roroayuku

3. Stunning look of white sand and blue sea combined

Image: Samuel Stonehill

4. Daga Kecil Island in Widi Islands


5. Sunset in Widi Islands is not something you want to miss

Image: Instagram/serlyindahp

6. Snorkeling? You can do it there too!

Image: Instagram/wisat1

7. Lying down on white sand while enjoying the blue sea might relieve you from daily stress

Image: Instagram/ikafujirahayu8

8. Seafood? Choose as much as you want!

Image: Facebook/Apri Eko Prasetyo

9. If you are lucky, you might witness dolphins jumping on the water

Image: Instagram/nendensinov

10. What are you waiting for? Plan your trip now!

Image: Instagram/ikafujirahayu8




Adelia Anjani Putri   03 August 2017 13:39

The National Gallery is holding a temporary exhibition of paintings usually displayed in Presidential Palaces throughout the country.

Titled ‘Senandung Ibu Pertiwi’ (The Motherland’s Song), the exhibition presents 48 paintings from 41 artists, including arguably the most famous painting of Basoeki Abdullah, ‘Nyi Roro Kidul’.

The exhibition is open from Aug. 1 to 31 (except during National Holidays), from 10. a.m to 7 p.m.. Admission is free of charge.


Andry Trysandy Mahany  03 August 2017 10:35

Most people know about Raja Ampat, but not all many know about Natuna Islands.

If Raja Ampat is too far from you, Natuna can give you equally wonderful view without having to go to the country's corner.

Arief Naim, a photographer, shared the beauty of Natuna Islands through his social media account @natunastarcom to show you what you can expect should you choose to go there.

1. Bunga Island, one of Islands in Natuna


2. Sunset in Natuna


3. Natuna Islands still have clear water


4. Following the government’s Wonderful Indonesia program, Natuna Islands government has upgraded infrastructures to attract more tourists


5. Senua Island, one of tourists’ favourite spots


6. So beautiful!


7. Are your ready to visit Natuna Islands?




Krystal Buckle  17 July 2017 16:00

It takes a team of chefs twenty minutes to handcraft each of their signature swan dumplings. The delicate precision of the culinary team at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s Li Feng restaurant makes eating there that a little bit tastier.

Li Feng, which translates to ‘beauty in abundance’, aims to support local farmers and their products and provide a space for families and friends to enjoy tasty dishes transformed into visually appealing creations. The dim sum menu features traditional dishes such as Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Bamboo Shoots and BBQ Pork Char Siew Bun, as well as more creative fusions like Spicy XO Scallop Dumpling, Mushroom Bun with Foie Gras Filling and Crystal Spinach with Crabmeat Dumpling.

Seafood and Crab Meat Dumplings © 2017 Buckle

Sautéed Eggplant and Minced Chicken in Spicy Sauce © 2017 Buckle

A talented culinary team is behind Li Feng’s success, helmed by the gifted Chef Fei and Chef Loy. In 2016, Chef Fei won The Best Chef in China, while Chef Loy has over 12 years of experience in fine dining restaurants in Bali and Dubai. It is not surprising then that their menu effortlessly blends traditional Cantonese dishes with creative contemporary renditions.

Inspired by the rich history of the spices trade between China and Batavia (old Jakarta), glass artwork hangs from the ceiling, sculpted into waves and junk by Helen Poon, an artist from Hong Kong. The ‘Voyage of the South’ artwork features a map of Asia drawn up in 1602 by Italian missionary, Mattero Ricci and is made to illustrate the ancient connection between the two countries.

© 2017 Buckle

Marinated Jelly Fish with Aged Black Vinegar
© 2017 Buckle

Indonesian designer, Poppy Dharsono, is behind the design of Li Feng’s staff uniform, adapted from traditional Chinese garments. Shantung silk cheongsams and tang suit jackets feature colors that represent good luck (red), prosperity (yellow gold) and royal status (blue).

Baked Homemade Egg Tarts © 2017 Buckle

© 2017 Buckle

Li Feng
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Level 2
Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta

Mon-Fri: 11:30am-2:30pm
Sat & Sun: 11am-3pm

Mon-Sun: 6pm-10:30pm


Krystal Buckle  17 July 2017 13:20

Rob and Rumenta Black have been visiting Belitung Island for years. Each time they return, a new hotel is being built.

Based in South Jakarta, the couple are in the process of creating a space for tourists that offers more than just a sterile hotel room. The Belitung Backpackers Hostel aims to provide a social, informative space equipped with modern facilities and travel tips from locals and staff in the know. “Tourism on the island is increasing. For many, Bali and Lombok have become too commercial, backpackers want to see the real Indonesia,” Rob said to Brilio.

The hostel will be the first of its kind to open on the island. “We hope to get some momentum going and generate higher numbers of tourists, hopefully putting us on the backpacker route.”

Tanjung Tinggi, one of Belitung’s main tourist attractions is a mere ten kilometres south of the hostel. The beach is famous for its role in Laskar Pelangi, Indonesia’s highest grossing film in box office history.

For those interested in environmental conservation and snorkeling through an underwater garden, a coral regeneration program is currently underway on one of the many islands dotted around Belitung. Snorkeling day trips can be arranged through the hostel, costing approximately Rp 500,000 to rent a boat that seats 12-30 people.


© 2017 Black

Apart from island hopping, Belitung offers a range of activities to suit different tastes. Rob and Rumenta’s hostel plans to provide “informative activities like pepper farm, butterfly and coffee tours to the other side of the island.” Backpackers can also visit traditional fishing villages, watch boat building or relax on the waterfront property with fresh coconut juice.

Cars and motorbikes can be rented on the island, however the hostel will provide free bicycle hire for its guests. As for eating out, Rob has shared a well-kept secret after years of visiting the island himself. “Happy Bakery- it’s a popular place to eat with the locals, but the tourists just haven’t discovered it yet.”

Belitung Backpackers Hostel will open early September.


© 2017 Black




Krystal Buckle  06 July 2017 17:16

Minus the bright lights and famed Shibuya crossing, Jakarta has its own little piece of Japan to call home.

Wedged between Blok M Square and Plaza is an area referred to by locals as ‘Little Tokyo’. Densely populated with sushi and ramen restaurants, a specialty supermarket, numerous Izakaya and even a Daiso, Japanese culture is alive in Melawai.

First stop

La Mouette. This Japanese-French bakery is the ideal starting point for exploring the area. Resist the temptation to fill up on their pastries and pick up a free map from the front window.

© 2017 Buckle


At 7pm every night, watch the Echigoya Ramen chefs making noodles in their glass-encased machine room. With an extensive list of Ramen flavours including Curry, Cheese Miso and Mapo Tofu, their menu is the result of hours of careful preparation.



Echigoya Ramen serve a tasty plate of gyoza (pan-fried dumplings) for 35k.

© 2017 Buckle

Post-work drinks?

Dim lighting is a prerequisite for most Izakaya in Tokyo. Thankfully, Kira Kira Ginza delivers just that. The wood-panelled space features private tatami rooms and its extensive sake collection pairs well with their takoyaki (grilled octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (savoury pancake).



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Feeling brave?

Kappo Don serves a rare Japanese delicacy. Blowfish.

Also known as Fugu, it is so poisonous that the smallest error in its preparation could be fatal. Beware of the steep price tag.

In a rush?

Stop by Papaya Fresh Gallery, a Japanese supermarket with a range of fresh sashimi, sushi and imported foods.

Feeling festive?

Every May, Little Tokyo hosts Ennichisai, a Japanese culinary and arts festival blending the old and the new. With more than 150 food and drink stalls and an average of 200 thousand people, Ennichisai provides an opportunity for visitors to fully appreciate what Japanese culture has to offer.


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Krystal Buckle  05 July 2017 11:15

Equipped with a ‘ride’ through coffee window, a new cycling café in Senopati, South Jakarta is already making tracks.

One of four businesses currently occupying the newly opened Crumble Crew space, Cyclo Coffee and Apparel is not just a café. Sure, their coffee and pastries are a highlight, but the creative space also functions as a shop for fashionable cycling attire.

“We sell cycling apparel for the fashion conscious cyclist, ” said Israndi Pasopati, Operations Manager of Cyclo. Take your pick from a range of patterned socks, lycra and books dissecting the ‘anatomy’ of cycling.

London café “Look Mum No Hands!” served as inspiration for the team behind Cyclo, who hope to create a stronger cycling culture in the city. “We’re a community,” says Israndi. “We sell serious parts for the not-so-serious cyclist.”

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (6-8pm & 10-12pm), free community cycling sessions are held. Starting from the café, cyclists ride around the city and finish with a steaming cup of coffee.

With an average of 80-100 people joining the night rides, Cyclo has created a platform for this growing community of cycling enthusiasts.



Sourcing their beans from farmers in Aceh, the café believes strongly in supporting local coffee.

“Indonesia has a lot of good, authentic coffee,” Israndi said. “The beans from Aceh usually just have the name of the farmer, there’s no brand name.”

This month, the cafe will be live screening the Tour de France cycling competition from 5 p.m. every night. Projected onto the back wall, enthusiasts can enjoy a discounted cup of coffee and dessert while watching the events unfold.


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