Andry Trysandy Mahany  24 January 2017 17:19

Valentino Rossi was spotted in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara on Monday.

The Italian racer was recorded stepping out of a plane in Komodo airport, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. He was seen in black outfit and with a backpack.

Photos from Youtube/Telolet Bus Mania

The province's Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Marius Ardu Jelamu confirmed the news.

“Yes, it’s true. [Valentino Rossi] arrived in Labuan Bajo airport and I think he's visiting the famous destination," he told state-owned news portal Antara.

Marius hoped that Rossi's visit would bring spotlight to Labuan Bajo although the racer has not shared anything regarding his visit on social media.

Rossi is scheduled for a pre-season race in Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia on Jan. 30.



  12 January 2017 15:46

Hundreds of tourists were stranded on the resort island of Bali Thursday following a decision by authorities to axe Tigerair Australia flights after the airline allegedly broke Indonesian regulations.

The budget carrier said six of its services between Australia and the Indonesian island were being axed on Thursday and Friday a day after the disruption began with the cancellation of several flights.

About 700 passengers were affected by the cancellations Thursday, and a similar number were affected on Wednesday, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

Tigerair said the chaos was caused by the Indonesian government's decision to "impose new administrative requirements for the operation of its flights between Bali and Australia".

However the Indonesian transport ministry said it made the move after administrative violations by the airline.

It said Tigerair should not have been selling tickets within Indonesia for its chartered flights. Only Virgin Australia, Tigerair Australia's parent company, was authorised to sell the tickets, it said.

"All foreign airlines must comply with our regulations," ministry spokesman Agoes Soebagio said in a statement, adding all Tigerair Australia flights would be cancelled until requirements had been fulfilled.

Tigerair said Virgin Australia was sending two flights to Bali to bring affected customers back.

Bali, a pocket of ancient Hindu culture in Muslim-majority Indonesia, attracts millions of foreign tourists every year to its palm-fringed beaches and is a particular favourite with visitors from neighbouring Australia.

However travel disruptions are common. Bali airport was forced to close several times last year due to floating clouds of ash from nearby erupting volcanoes.

Agence France-Presse


Syifa Fauziah  05 January 2017 18:00

The Indonesian Tours And Travel Agencies (ASITA) of North Sulawesi recently released ten "neverending sensations" of Manado, consisting of spectacular tourism attractions besides the already globally famous Bunaken. Here are the pretty faces you should consider visiting if you're planning your next getaway:

1. Lembeh Strait and Island


Lembeh Strait is considered as best spot for underwater macro photography. It is often dubbed as the Mecca of Divers or The Mecca of Macro Photography. The Dive Magazine puts this place as one of the top 5 best diving destinations in Asia Pacific, while Scuba Diving Magazine crowns it as the Best Night Dive spot in the region.

2. Lihaga Island


The underwater realm with a beautiful coral overlay is a paradise for divers. If you're not too keen on jumping in the water, you can also opt to spend your time on the quiet white sand coast with a beautiful view.

3. Nain Island


The island, famous for its sand, is unfortunately only visitable during low tides. However, the wait is worth it as the glittering sand during both daytime and full moon is absolutely breathtaking. 

4. Pal Beach


Pal Beach, located in Marinsow Village, East Likupang, North Minahasa, is a new spot for tourists. This gem at the northern tip of Sulawesi is blessed with a white sand beach that gracefully extends to the island's northern coast. To reach this place, you only need around 90 minutes by land transportation from the capital, Manado.

5. Mahembang Beach


Though it will take you three to four hours to reach this place from Manado, you will surely be astonished by the beauty of its crystal clear, greenish sea water. 

6. Lakban Beach


Located around four hours from Manado, Lakban Beach used to be a mining site but is now popular for its alluring, photogenic nuances. More Instagram posts for your feed!

7. Baling-Baling Island


Pretty beach? Checked! Beautiful underwater views to snorkle around? Checked! A hilltop where you can enjoy the view? Checked! Baling-Baling Island has it all for those dreaming of a quite trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is no lodging here, but you can rent a house from the native Bajo tribe for a nice homestay vibe, or you can just return to the main island and stay at hotels on Tumbak Beach.

8. Rurukan Village


From the height outside of Tomohon city, you will be able to enjoy some parts of Minahasa mainland landscape, like Manado, Bitung, Mount Klabat, Mount Lokon, and Tondano, as well as its lake from distance.

9. Madoinding


Dubbed as the 'East Indonesian Kitchen', the place is famous for its annual Potato Festival and the misty Lake Moat.

10. Tondano Culinary Boulevard


This is one of the the many places notable for its delicious food in this part of Indonesia. It is located in the Koya Village of Tondano, precisely at an intersection between Jalan Boulevard Tondano and the road in front of the Manado University.


Sabar Artiyono  27 November 2016 15:29 - For those still saving up for the perfect trip to visit the wonders of the Grand Canyon, this list provides several alternative destinations with equally stunning cliffs around Indnoesia. Not as expansive, not the real thing, but equally awe-inspiring. 

1. Yogyakarta breccia cliff

via cah yogya

The 30-meter cliff is one kilometer from Candi Ijo or in Nglengkong, Groyokan, Sambirejo, Prambanan. The place is popular among the young travelers, though keep an eye out for the narrow path it takes to get here.

2. Arosbaya limestone hill

via To Live, To Learn, To Love, To Leave Legacy

This beautiful cliff is located in Bangkalan, Madura, and is the perfect spot to witness the sunrise.

3. Sekapuk limestone hill

via Kemana Aja Boleeh

Still in East Java, Sekapuk limestone hill in Ujung Pangkah, Gresik, used to be an excavation site, making its walls look like they've been beautiful engraved by miners.

4. Jaddih limestone hill

via inspirasibackpacker

This wonderful limestone hill is also located in Bangkalan, Madura, and is 10 kilometers away from Jaddih Village. However, the place is still an active mining site.

5. Brown Canyon

via Semarang Plus

When visiting Semarang, try to stop by the Brown Canyon in Rowosari, Meteseh, Tembalang.

6. Melasti limestone hill

via Piknik Dong

When in Bali, make your way to the Ungasan area in South Bali where you will find limestone clfifs extend along the path leading to Melasti Beach.

7. Pandawa limestone hill


Still in Bali, the road leading to Pandawa Beach is also surroudned by cliffs that make for a magnificent view, especially with statues carved into them.


  24 November 2016 14:48

The owner of a Kansas water park said its announcement that it will demolish a towering waterslide as soon as investigations into the death of a boy on the ride this summer have concluded was motivated by uncertainty among park patrons, not any pending legal settlements involving the accident.

Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts and the family that runs it said in a statement Tuesday that the "Verruckt" ride at the Schlitterbahn park in Kansas City, Kansas, will be permanently removed from its tower "once the investigation is concluded and we are given permission by the court." The Texas-based company called the move "the only proper course of action."

"Coming up on the holidays, this time of year, it's something we'd like to set to rest," company spokeswoman Winter Prosapio told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "When we're allowed to take it down, we will take it down. We have no interest in having it up another hour."

Billed as the world's tallest waterslide, Verruckt has been closed since Caleb Thomas Schwab died on the ride August 7. The boy was decapitated, someone familiar with the investigation previously told The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because that person was not authorized to speak publicly about the boy's death.

Two women in the raft were injured.

The Verruckt waterslide is said to be the tallest in the world.
© Associated Press/AP

Attorneys for the Schwabs — Caleb's father is Republican state Rep. Scott Schwab — and the women are independently investigating the accident. No charges or lawsuits had been filed as of Wednesday.

Michael Rader, an attorney for the Schwabs, said he had been working with Schlitterbahn and its legal team on a plan to eventually remove the slide, but that it "cannot be torn down until all investigations and potential litigation has concluded."

Scott Schwab didn't respond to requests for comment Wednesday.

Verruckt, which is German for "insane," featured multi-person rafts that made a 17-story drop at speeds of up to 112 kph, followed by a surge up a hump and a 15-meter descent to a finishing pool. Riders were harnessed with two nylon seatbelt-like straps, one crossing the rider's lap, the other stretching diagonally like a car shoulder seatbelt.

The regulation of waterslides and other amusement rides has drawn scrutiny since Caleb's death. Kansas is known for its light regulation of amusement park rides, and the Texas-based company that operates Schlitterbahn lobbied legislators to help ensure that it remained responsible for its own inspections.

Kansas requires annual inspections of permanent amusement park rides but allows private inspectors to do the checks.

Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts said Tuesday that it has been cooperating with investigators and the victims' families and attorneys, noting that "in our 50 years of providing an environment for families and friends to gather, we've never experienced this kind of devastating event."

Jim Suhr/Associated Press


Angga Roni Priambodo  14 November 2016 14:40 - During their 350 years as colonizers, the Dutch built fortifications all over Indonesia to keep control of the population and defend the East Indies - as it was then known - from attack.

The ruins of these have turned into historical sites scattered across the archipelago. Some are relatively famous, but most are relatively unknown outside their locale. 

1. Fort Belgica

The fort in Neira, Maluku was originally built by the Portuguese, but was taken over and rebuilt by the Dutch in September 1611.

2. Fort de Kock

Fort de Kock in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra was built by Captain Bouer in 1825 when Merkus Baron Hendrik de Kock served as the Der Troepen commander and Deputy Governor of the Dutch East Indies. The building was used as a Dutch defence post during the Padri War from 1821 to 1837.

3. Fort Du Bus

Ok, this one is long gone but it was an important trading post in West Papua. Built in 1828, the fort was named after the ruling Dutch East Indies Governor General, L.P.J. Burggraaf du Bus de Gisignies.

4. Benteng Pendem

Along the coast of Teluk Penyu in Cilacap, Central Java, the fortress was the regional defensive headquarters for the Dutch army and built up gradually from 1861 to 1879. Vegetation retook the fort after its abandonment The fort once was covered with soil and left neglected until later was discovered and excavated by Cilacap local goverenment in 1986.

5. Fort van der Wijk

This 18th-Century Dutch bastion is in Gombong, 21 km from Kebumen, Central Java. 


6. Fort Vastenburg

In the heart of Solo, Central Java, Vastenburg was built on the orders of Governor General Baron Van Imhoff in 1745.

7. Fort Willem II

Named after the Dutch king, this fort built in 1786 in Ungaran, Central Java, was the temporary detention point to anti-colonialist hero Prince Diponegoro before he was exiled.

8. Fort Willem I

Named after William I of the Netherlands (1772 – 1843), this fort was completed under Governor General Johannes van den Bosch.

9. Fort Erfprins

Surrounded by steep walls, this majestic abandoned fort is in Bangkalan, Madura.

10. Fort van den Bosch

Built in 1839 in Ngawi, East Java, Fort van den Bosch was a Dutch defence station built to fight the resistance led by Wirotani. 


11. Fort van der Capellen

Dutch General Godert van der Capellen lent his name to this fort in Batusangkar, West Sumatra.

12. Benteng VOC Kalimo'ok

The building in Trowulan, East Java was erected to protect the Dutch from an Indonesian rebellion.

13. Fort Martello

This red-brick fort on Kelor Island, part of the Thousand Islands mini-archipelago off the coast of Jakarta, was the front line defense protecting the Dutch in Batavia - the moder-day Indonesian capital and the administrative center of the Dutch East Indies. It was built around the 17th century.

14. Fort Speelwijk

This fort in Banten was built in 1681 as a symbol of Dutch supremacy over the Sultanate of Banten.

15. Fort Oranje

The Fort Oranje in Ternate, Maluku, was established jointly by the Dutch and the Sultan of Ternate in 1607 to drive out Spanish troops.



Retno Wulandari  10 November 2016 14:30 - If you happen to be an ultimate nature lover who would choose a more challenging adventure over a lazy, beachy holiday, these postcard-perfect waterfalls might be the perfect place you want to be. They spread all over the globe, but you don’t have to go around the world for 80 days to have a great adventure of a lifetime. Just pick one or two, and let the journey become your own ultimate adventure!

1) Yosemite Falls, California, United States (2,425 feet).


Foto kiriman Yosemite National Park (@yosemitenps) pada

How to get there: As one of the world’s tallest, this waterfall can be seen from mroe than one places, but the prominent points of view are from Yosemite Village and Yosemite Valley Lodge. You can either go on a shuttle to the base of the waterfall, to hike to the top of Yosemite Falls. Consider flying straight to Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT) for the fastest and cheapest way to reach Yosemite National Park.

2) Seljalandsfoss, Iceland (200 feet).

How to get there: The waterfall lies on the south coast of Iceland, which means you’ll have a chance to see amazing waterfalls, glaciers, black sand beaches and other gorgeous views on the way from Reykjavik to Seljalandsfoss. You can reach the waterfall from Iceland's main highway, the Ring Road, which feature beautiful farms of Seljaland. Consider taking a bus tour to the south coast or, otherwise, you can rent a car.

3) Angel Falls, Auyantepui, Venezuela (3,212 feet).


Foto kiriman Carlos Silva (@brassilva77) pada

How to get there: Take a flight to Canaima, Venezuela, then take a 4-hour upstream river trip to the Angel Falls trail or Sendero Salto Angel. Then you need to have a 60-90-minute hike uphill in the jungle trail before reaching Angel Falls.

4) Bridal Veil Falls, California, United States (620 feet).


Foto kiriman Brian Poelzer (@brianpoelzer) pada

How to get there: This waterfall lies in the Yosemite National Park, so you can refer to point one (Yosemite Falls) for the route. This waterfall can be seen from near Wawona Road tunnels, from the Big Oak Flat Road, or from the signed parking lot near Yosemite Valley.


5) Plitvice Falls, Croatia (255 feet).


Foto kiriman Elisa Carraro (@instaelyx7) pada

How to get there: As the waterfall located in Plitvice Lakes National Park, the best way to get there is by taking a bus ride from other parts of Croatia, such as Zagreb, Split, Zadar, and others in between. If you're looking for the nearest airport to Plitvice Lakes, consider flying either to Zagreb or Zadar Airports.

6) Madakaripura Falls, East Java, Indonesia (656 feet).


Foto kiriman Jauhar Al-Khoir Adimara (@joeadimara_) pada

How to get there: Located in Sapih Village in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Probolinggo, East Java, the sacred Madakaripura Falls can be reached from Surabaya, one of Indonesia’s major cities. Take a flight to Surabaya, and from the airport you can either rent a car or ride a bus to Lumbang district in Probolinggo. Then take a small public transport to Bromo, where another public transport which will take you straight to Madakaripura.

7) Jog Falls, India (830 feet).


Foto kiriman Maqbool Ahamed (@maqboolahamed) pada

How to get there: Fly to the nearest airport to Jog falls, Hubli Airport in Karnataka, then take either a taxi or bus ride to Jog falls, which will take roughly 2.5 hours. Another option is to take a flight or train to Shimoga. From there, you can reach Jog Falls by train from Shimoga railway station, with tracks that are also connected with Bangalore.

8) Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil (269 feet).


Foto kiriman otulul (@otulul) pada

How to get there: Fly to Buenos Aires and take a connecting flight to the town of Puerto Iguazú (IGR). From Puerto Iguazú Airport, take a taxi or a rented car to your accommodation, where you can arrange a tour to the falls.

If you're traveling from Brazil, fly to Sao Paulo and take a connecting flight to the city of Foz do Iguassu (IGU).

9) Sutherland Falls, New Zealand (814 feet).


Foto kiriman Chris Esquivel (@stobes_esquivel) pada


Foto kiriman Live Enjoy Dream (@liveenjoydream) pada

How to get there: Located in Fiordland National Park, this New Zealand’s highest waterfalls can be reached from the nearby town of Te Anai, which has two airports, Manapouri and Milford Sound. A popular option to enjoy the scenic mountain ramparts around the waterfalls is by taking Milford Track, a guided leisurely walk. If you have an abundant budget, you can have a scenic flight from Queenstown, Te Anai, or Milford Sound.

10) Vernal Falls, California, United States (317 feet).


Foto kiriman Yosemite National Park (@yosemitenps) pada

How to get there: You can get to the amazing Vernal Falls by climbing the giant staircase of the John Muir and Mist Trails, two choices of natural rock path where you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous views of not only the Vernal Falls but also Nevada Falls and some amazing geologica. phenomenon.

11) Niagara Falls, US-Canadian Border (167 feet).


Foto kiriman chrysippus (@murkado) pada

How to get there: Located about 400 miles from New York, on the US-Canadian border, Niagara Falls can be reached by many travel options. From the Big Apple, you can ride on Amtrak trains from Penn Station in New York, which will take you to Amtrak Station in the heart of Niagara Falls. You can either take a flight to  Buffalo Niagara International Airport or take a 10-hour bus ride.