A great safety feature or just another invasive nuisance?

Ivana Lucic   25 May 2016 11:38

Brilio.net - Earlier in May Uber, the mobile ride hailing app,  released a new feature that would allow family members to know your whereabouts. Using the Uber Family Feature, the family account creator will receive a notification as soon as the trip is started from any one of its members. With just an additional tap they can directly see on a map where you are going.

While this may ease the mind of some worrisome parents, it sure can be seen as a nuisance to the younger generation. Either way, it’s a great safety measure.

This is an additional step in the additional feature on Uber, which allows users to share real-time maps of where they are travelling. The Trip Tracker however required that the user specifically chooses the receivers of the data, but with the family feature the users whereabouts would automatically be sent to all the family members.

Family accounts were launched about two months ago by the American app, but its function exceeds just simple family purposes. In fact, it was also intended for friends’ to be able to share rides more easily as up to ten members can join one ‘family’ and use a single method of payment.

If you don’t want people to know where you are going, it’s a simple as changing the billing method that won’t notify the family members. While it may seem a nusisance, you can be sure your parents will rest easier.



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