Check out these fun ways to stay in shape!

  15 July 2016 18:36 - Sport is becoming essential to people’s lifestyles as the world becomes more health-conscious, and new and exciting activities are emerging that are gaining popularity.

There are tons of new, fun ways for you to drop pounds. Here are seven must-try exercises that will help you stay in shape.

We’re leaving out crossfit because we’re sure someone’s already tried to get you to join!

1. Obstacle course

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This sport will give you an adrenaline rush. Obstacle run revolves around teamwork where each participant's physical strength is tested to the limit. Make sure you build up your stamina before attempting this! Challenges include climbing over wall, carrying heavy objects, crossing bodies of water, crawling under barbed wire and jumping through fire.

Many are used in military training you can see them in events like Tough Mudder or TV shows like Amazing Race, Survivor and American Ninja Warrior.

2. TRX fitness


TRX is a regime that exploits your body weight. It focuses on suspension training where you use fixed ropes as support for each exercise. This method burns tons of calories. You can often find TRX equipment at your local gym.

3. Pilates


This exercise is perfect if you want to get slim. The only equipment you need is a mat. Pilates emphasizes alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, improving coordination and balance. Lots of gyms and studios offer classes.

4. Zumba


You must have heard of this one! It’s been around for a while, but this exercise, which combines dancing with aerobics, is becoming quite a trend. Led by an instructor, you can dance your way to your fitness goals to hip-hop, soca, samba and mambo. Great chance to get healthy and practice your moves for the club!

5. AcroYoga


AcroYoga, as the name suggests, combines acrobatics and yoga for a therapeutic exercise that is especially beneficial for people with spinal problems. It can also help reduce stress levels, improve concentration and provide other mental health benefits. Only for the very fit and flexible!

6. Parkour


If you’ve spent any time on Youtube, you’ll know about Parkour, also known as freerunning. The objective of Parkour is to get from one point to another as quickly and efficiently as possible, without any specialist or assistive equipment, in a complex (often urban) environment. It also looks really cool.

7. Floating yoga


Another yoga hybrid, floating yoga has become pretty famous. It’s performed while suspended in the air by rubber straps. This exercise focuses on building versatility and flexibility.  It can also be therapeutic as it reduces joint friction.

Through all these sports you can find new communities and make new friends. Who knows where it will lead?

So, give ‘em a try, guys!

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