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Go, go, Indonesia!

Ahada Ramadhana   31 August 2017 10:20

Indonesia is in the fifth place of receiving medals in SEA Games 2017 after Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Here are four Indonesian athletes who achieved the most medals during the event:

1. Triady Fauzi Sidiq

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The swimmer from West Java achieved gold on 200 meters of individual medley, 3 silvers on 50 meters of freestyle and 100 meters butterfly. For team, he also won silver on 4 x 100 meter relay. There are 6 medals that he received.

2. Rifda Irfanaluthfi

Image: rifda_irfanaluthfi

The athlete born on Oct. 16, 1999 achieved 5 medals during SEA Games 2017: including silver on vault, bronze on uneven bars, gold on balance beam, bronze on floor, and gold on Women’s Balance Beam.

3. Aflah Fadlan Prawira

Image: fadlanprawira

The swimmer born on Nov. 13, 1997 achieved four medals from individual and group competitions. He won silver on 400 meter freestyle, bronze 1,500 meter freestyle, silver on 400 meter medley, and bronze on 10 KM open water.

4. I Gede Siman Sudartawa


The Balinese swimmer brings back home gold on 50 meter backstroke and silver 100 meter backstroke individually. Two other medals include silver on 4x100 meter medley relay and 4x100 meter freestyle relay.


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