Tell them that it is not in your job description, go back to the work contract and offer to discuss about renegotiation.

Victoria Tunggono   30 January 2016 14:05 - Recently I was working in an art shop where the owner paid me the salary of a shopkeeper while she wants me to also do the internet-admin job and the design—which are truly far from the job description—just because she knows I am competent to do it all. While I do not like the way she always racks her skillful employees in the sweetest way possible, she also doesn’t like being rejected by someone she hires. If you feel like doing it, you may. But if you feel exploited like how I did, you can always say no because it is your right. So how is the best thing to find a win-win solution?

1. Laugh at her (or him) and say “Really?”

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Point out that her idea of paying someone so low for a quality so good is ridiculously funny, and let her know your worth. She could have someone make a good design for her (in my case) and that everything (a good design, in my case) has a price. And makes sure you tell them that it is not in your job description, go back to the work contract and offer to discuss about renegotiation. It is not being materialistic but it is simply telling them to appreciate and value people appropriately. It really is not a matter of the number of the price but the appreciation that matters.

2. Find an excuse

If the first way does not work and they still do not get how they should appreciate people, just find an excuse to get you away from the task. Tell them you cannot handle the new task while also doing the job description according to your position in the work contract. Simply tell them it is not in your job description. Perhaps the second or third time telling the same thing will gradually make them get it.

3. It is your right

Employees in Indonesia are protected under the laws of employment No. 13 Year 2003 (UU No.13 Tahun 2003 tentang Ketenagakerjaan) and Jamsostek organization is there to handle the employment issue. Make sure you know well your rights and obligations, and fulfill all of your obligations first so the issue won’t backfire at you. Call the authority and report the problem to them. Do not let anyone take away your rights (as long as you’re right!)

4. Run!

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If you see your boss is the intimidating type or a cheap one and you don’t like it, quit! Stop them from doing it all over again. Find other company that appreciate and pay you better, because you deserve it. Only this time, bring the lessons with you and make sure the new company will treat you better than the last one. You really wouldn’t know, but trust me, the intuition must be there somewhere within you!


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