The once-beautiful nurse drags her mutilated legs along the floor.

Victoria Tunggono   11 August 2016 12:58 - Another famous ghost in Indonesia is called Suster Ngesot. Suster means nurse and ngesot means crawling. 

She known as Suster Nira in Semarang and Suster Gepeng in Surabaya. 

Noone knows her real name, but here is her story: 

Once upon a time a beautiful female nurse was working the night shift in an old hospital.

The night was quiet and as she walked to the laboratory the doctor on duty sprung on her and raped her.

He then mutilated her legs so she couldn’t walk and had to crawl with her hands while dragging what was left of her legs behind her.

She died that night and has haunted hospital corridors ever since.

Most people agree that the hospital was Cipto Mangunkusumo Public Hospital (RSCM) in Jakarta, because that was the last place Suster was allegedly seen alive. But another story claims she was a Dutch nurse who was gang-raped and as she fought back the injuries she got caused her feet to be amputated.  

Another myth claims Suster Ngesot first appeared at a nursing home in West Java. There was a half Dutch, half Indonesian nurse named Norah who had a sixth sense that she used to kill the patients to avenge a past wrong done to her. People crushed her legs and thus she became Suster Ngesot.

Budi's story

Most old hospitals from the Dutch colonial era have their own stories about Suster Ngesot. They say she wanders around hospital corridors or nearby alleyways, covered in blood and dragging her legs. People believe that if Suster Ngesot comes by, your body goes stiff and you lose the ability to speak. Once she passes, control over your body returns.  

While some insist that it’s just a myth, recently a janitor claimed he saw Suster Ngesot at a hospital he worked at in Bandung. As a new employee, he covered the night shift...

One night he had to clean the morgue when he suddenly got the feeling that someone was watching him.

He continued cleaning in the hallway outside when the electricity suddenly shut off. With no lights the man - Budi - started getting scared.

Then Budi heard a woman moaning in pain! He tried to distract himself from the noise by playing music on his phone.

The last room on his rounds was the operating theater. Budi entered to start cleaning ... but when opened a dividing curtain right there under the bed he saw a pale nurse looking straight up at him.

He tried to remain calm, but he dropped his mop. Then his body froze.

The nurse moved on, dragging herself along the floor away from Budi. She eventually disappeared into the toilet.

For minutes, Budi couldn’t do anything but stare as she made her slow way along the floor. After she was out of sight he could move again and he immediately packed his things.

Budi quit his job the next day.

Many Indonesian people believe in ghosts.

Do you? 



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